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Major Wally Adamchik, USMC
Major Aloysius J. Ahearn, USA
Major Davis S. Allen, USAF
Major Todd Baker, USA
Major Gene Baldwin, USAF
Major Vanessa L. Baldwin, USAF
Lt. Commander Rob Ballister, USN
Lt. Commander Blair Barrows, USN
Commander Bruce Ferguson Barber, USN
Major Donna H. Barthle, USA
Major Lee Basnar, USA
Major Hilary H. Battle, USA
Major R. G. Beavers
Major James Bell, USA
Lt. Commander Frank J. Belsito, USN
Major Tibor Bierbaum, USA
Robert Wallace Blake, USN
Lt. Commander LaDelle F. Blevins, USN
Lt. Commander R. Stephen Bloch, USN
Major Stephen A. Bourgue, USA
Major Richard Botkin, USMC
Major Charles R. Bowery, Jr., USA
Major Bascom Bradshaw, USA
Major Robert A. Bratt, USA
Lt. Commander James A. Brink, USN
Major Raymond G. Bronk, USAF
Major B. Diggs Brown, USA
Commander Edward G. Briscoe, USN
Major Matthew Currier Burden, USA
Major Douglas N. Campbell, USAF
Lt. Commander Neil C. Carey, USN
Lt. Commander William L. Childers, USN
Major Corbett W. Clark, USA
Major Richard M. Coffman, USAF
Major W. L. George Collins, USAF
Major David A. Combs, USA
Major R. L. Cook, USAF
Major Rod Cook, USA
Major Wayne Creech, USAF
Lt. Commander Thomas J. Cutler USN
Lt. Commander Donald R. Davis, USN
Major Rene Defourneaux, USA
Major Stanley L. Degeer, USAF
Lt. Commander Edgar E. DeLong, USN
Major Denis De Luchi, USAF
Lt. Commander Adam Frederic Dorin, USN
Lt. Commander James D. Ertner, USN
Major Michael Farmer, USA
Major John E. Flanagan, USA
Major Seth W. B. Folsom, USMC
Major Robert A. Gallinger, USA
Major Ben R. Games, USA
Lt. Commander Don Geidel, USN
Major Leo Gildersleeve, USMC
Major Robert J. Girod, Sr., USA
Major Ray Gleason, USA
Lt. Commander A. M. Granat, USN
Major Warren Gray, USAF
Major Samuel D. Greco, USAF
Major Donald W. Griffis, USMC
Lt. Commander Curt J. Gronner, USN
Major Benjamin Donald Halsted, USAF
Lt. Commander John W. Hamlett, USN
Lt. Commander Gerald Peter Hansen, USN
Major William C. Grayson, USA
Major Ralph Derr Harrity, USA
Lt. Commander Herman R. Hebb, USN
Major Raymond C. Heimbuch, USAF
Lt. Commander John G. Hemry, USN
Major Robert S. Hirsch, USAF
Lt. Commander Bobbi Hovis, USN
Major Jack C. Hubbard, USAF
Major M.J. Kephart, USA
Major Virginia Kreimeyer, USAF
Major Robert H. Kyle, USA
Major Linda Cates Lacy, USMC
Major Lewis Allen Lambert, USAF
Lt. Commander John Laye, USN
Major William P. Lear, USAF
Major Fred E. Lincoln, USAF
Lt. Commander Jeb S. Livingood, USCG
Major Lothar Maier, USAF
Lt. Commander Lawrence A. Marsden, USN
Lt. Commander Archie L. McPherran, USN
Lt. Commander Stephen R. Melvin, USN
Lt. Commander Christopher P. Michels, USN
Major William B. Moody, USA
Major Joanne Moore, USA
Major David Morehouse, USA
Weldon R. Munter, USMC
Major Spike Nasmyth, USAF
Lt. Commander William R. Nesbitt, USN
Major John B. Noone, Jr., USA
Major Michael Nugent, USA
Major Frederick F. Nyc, III, USAF
Major Willard M. Oliver, USA
Major Patrick Parker, USA
Major Calvin S. Posner, USMC
Major Ralph Powell, USA
Major Miguel Reece, USAF
Major Charles R. Reyher, USAF
Lt. Commander Robert V. Ricard, USCG
Lt. Commander Alan D. Rohrer, USN
Major Gerald T. Richard, USA
Major Frank D. Roche, USAF
Lt. Commander Martin N. Schaller, USN
Lt. Commander George Sigler, USN
Major Frank Elliot Sisson, II, USAF
Major Den E. Slattery, USA
Lt. Commander Carl V. Smith, USN
Lt. Commander Malcolm Smith, USCG
Major Tom Spence, USMC
Major David N. Spires, USAF
Major Rick Spooner, USMC
Lt. Commander Joseph T. Stanik, USN
Major James R. Stephens, USA
Major Frank C. Stolz, USMC
Major Jim Stroup, USMC
Major Robert Taubert, USMC
Major Dan Sheehan, USMC
Lt. Commander L. Stuart Taylor, USN
Major Robert V. Thompson, USAF
Major Milton J. Torres, USAF
Major Tommy Towery, USAF
Major Ernest L. Vermont, USA
Lt. Commander James A. Vernon, USN
Major Ralph H. Wandrey, USAF
Major Euell T. White, USA
Lt. Commander George Napier Wilson, USN
Porter B. Williamson, USA
Major Richard D. Winters, USA
Lt. Commander L. Peter Wren, USN

A Debt of Honor: A Novel
Robert A Gallinger  More Info

Selected books by military personnel at the rank of O4.

No Yelling: The 9 Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership You Must Know to Win in Business
Wally Adamchik  More Info

Legacy: Genesis of Aviation Greatness
R G Beavers  More Info

Iron Tigers
Michael Farmer  More Info

Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters
Richard D. Winters  More Info

Patriots Will: Surviving the Great Depression and World War II Combat
Jack C. Hubbard  More Info

Swift And Effective Retribution: The U.s. Sixth Fleet And the Confrontation With Qaddafi
Joseph T. Stanik  More Info

Hell's Folly
W. Moody  More Info

God Does Have a Sense of Humor
Rob Ballister  More Info

To Honor These Men: A History of the Phillips Georgia Legion Infantry Battalion
Richard M. Coffman  More Info

The Purple and the Orange: A Tale of Defoliation
Denis De Luchi  More Info

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