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Weldon R. Munter

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Major Weldon R. Munter, USMC (ret.) is the author of My Downside Up Life: The Weldon Munter Saga.  According to the book description, “Weldon Munter has had a long and exciting career. He served on World War II destroyer escorts at the age of l8 and as a naval aviator in Korea and in Vietnam, where he was part of the first US Marine Corps tactical unit involved in the Vietnamese conflict and piloting over 700 helicopter missions. He served with HMX-1, the Marine One helicopter unit that flew Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. After retiring from the military in 1970 he piloted helicopters from tuna boats in South American and African waters and to and from oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.”

My Downside Up Life: The Weldon Munter Saga
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