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Frank C. Stolz

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Major Frank C. Stolz, USMC (ret.) served 20 years in the Marine Corps, much of that overseas. A Vietnam veteran, he commanded Marine Rifle Platoons and a Rifle Company in combat, later holding duties as an Advisor to Republic of Vietnam (RVN) Forces. His duty assignments also included tours at HQMC, the Pentagon, and the Military Assistance Advisory Group, China. Frank C. Stolz is the author of  WMD Attacks on America! and Stage One -WMD Attacks On America.


According to one reader of Stage One -WMD Attacks On America, “This is an important book as it graphically points out the inadequacy of our preparations for a WMD attack on our soil. The second half of the book lists in detail how civilian households can protect themselves from such a catastrophe, filling a void left by the government's failure to provide such info. The first half is an exciting scenario which dramatically depicts what realistically could well occur if our homeland security at all levels is not soon enlightened to the facts of the threat faced by our nation. It provides a needed wake-up call to the citizens as to the true state of our unpreparedness for such an emergency. This book serves as a vital reference to keep readily at hand.”

Stage One -WMD Attacks On America
Frank C. Stolz  More Info

Wmd Attacks on America
Frank C. Stolz  More Info

According to the book description of WMD Attacks on America, “After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Major Stolz and CWO-4 James E. Mulloy, another retired Marine Corps veteran, were inspired to write and publish a tutorial on home remedies and actions to protect families from WMD. Part two of the book includes the complete text of this tutorial guide.


After publication of this guide Major Stolz also decided to write a novel based on a plausible scenario of what we are potentially facing from terrorists using WMD. America better hope this exciting story can be kept as a fictional account. However, just since the books publication, a Houston, TX refinery has in fact been attacked.”

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