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Samuel D. Greco

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Major Samuel D. Greco, USAF (ret.) is the author of Coal Miner’s World War II Global Journey: Courtesy of U.S. Army Air Forces with Slight Delay in India. The MOAA said of the book, “At the age of 18, Greco, a young coal miner, enlists in the U.S. Air Force rather that waiting to be drafted. Never dreaming that his service would take him around the world, he begins training at a base that services all aircraft to accommodate the China-Burma-India theater of operation. During the 29 months spent in this atmosphere of extreme heat and dangerous animal and insects, the young coal miner grows from a boy into a mature man, ready to face the journey ahead.”

Coal Miner's World War II Global Journey: Courtesy Of U.S. Army Air Forces With Slight Delay In India
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