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Spike Nasmyth

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Major Spike Nasmyth, USAF, “started off life in Billings, Montana on 14 November 1940. He first flew at the controls of an airplane in 1961. He earned his private pilot\'s license in 1962. After graduation from the University of Idaho he went on to U.S. Air Force pilot training at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas. Spike graduated high enough in his class to get one of the three fighter assignments. He was assigned to the 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. On 4 September 1966, Spike was flying as aircraft commander in an F-4 Phantom fighter-bomber on an Alpha Strike against targets in North Vietnam.

He was shot down by a Surface to Air Missile (SAM) north of Hanoi and spent the next six and a half years as a Prisoner of War. His book "2355 DAYS" recounts those days as a POW. After release from North Vietnam, Spike separated from the Air Force and began a life in civil aviation. From 1961 to the present, he has logged over twenty thousand hours in a variety of aircraft. In the seventies, Spike flew in Florida and the Mediterranean where he met a lot of not so legal folks. His book, "THE BOYS WHO BRING IN THE CROP" in based on those meetings. Spike flew float planes in Canada, Grumman amphibians in Thailand, DC-3s in Asia, Beaver and Islander in Palau, sea-planes in the Philippines, plus he\'s the survivor of more than 50 ferry flights in all kinds of planes. This book "SO YOU WANT TO BE A FERRY PILOT" describes some of the more exciting ferry missions. In July of 2002, Spike left Asia where he'd lived since 1987 and moved back to the States, he now lives in southern California with his wife, Lucille and daughter, Maebelyn. He's still flying planes and working on a couple more books.”  Major Spike Nasmyth is the author of 2,355 Days: A POW's Story; The Boys Who Bring in the Crop; and, So You Want to be a Ferry Pilot.


The Library Journal said of 2,355 Days: A POW's Story, “This memoir of a prisoner of war in North Vietnam between 1966 and 1973 is proof of the endless variety of the human species. Other personal histories that have come from these appalling surroundings, like those of Everett Alvarez Jr. ( Chained Eagle, LJ 11/1/89), Geoffrey Norman ( Bouncing Back, LJ 8/90), and others, have their own perceptions of imprisonment and torture by an implacable foreign enemy. Nasmyth recalls his brutal treatment and isolation in a thoroughly individual way with intelligent but unvarnished insights and irrepressible humor. He catches an authentic flavor in conversations remembered between prisoners; even the personalities those words reveal are wholly individual. A lively memoir, valuable as a history of the POW experience, and for what it says about the human spirit.”


One reader of 2,355 Days: A POW's Story said, “I read this book and was really impressed with the Authors take on his experience as a POW. It is a one of a kind. As a Vietnam Vet of two tours and an Author of my own experiences there this one hit home. Its honest, different, and refreshing. Not to take anything away from anyone who was a prisoner but this guy had an approach and as they say today a paradigm that we would all do well to learn from. Im surprised the book is not more widely distributed but then its not politically correct or down trodden. Its unique as Im sure the Author was and is today. Great book!”

2,355 Days: A POW's Story
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The Boys Who Bring in the Crop
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So You Want to be a Ferry Pilot
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According to the book description of The Boys Who Bring in the Crop, it “is about a group of amateur marijuana smugglers who made seven flights to Colombia and back in the mid seventies. They made and spent piles of money and never got caught. They were smart, planned well and had lots of dumb luck. It's a fast paced book, wild flying, wild living, it all takes place in less than one year.”


According to the book description of So You Want to be a Ferry Pilot, “This is a book of true short stories about delivering airplanes from one part of the world to another. If you're a weekend flyer or a professional pilot or you just like airplanes, you'll be amazed at the exploits described in these stories. You'll be right there with the ferry pilots as they battle in-flight emergencies, Mother Nature's worst, the loss of navigation aids, interception by foreign aircraft and Murphy's Law.”

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