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Robert A. Gallinger

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Major Robert A. Gallinger, USA (ret.) began his military career when he enlisted at the age of 17 with an eight grade education.  According to Major Gallinger, “After I had accumulated two years of credits, I was commissioned a warrant officer. Later, after I earned my bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Alaska while I was stationed in Fairbanks, I received a direct commission to first lieutenant. During my army career, I not only managed to earn a degree, but was married and had three daughters along the way.” 


Major Robert A. Gallinger is the author of: Whispers; Taken by Force; A Debt of Honor; Escape; A Crooked Path; Suffer the Fool; No Time to Die; Deadly Encounters; and, Dead Light.

According to the book description of Whispers, it “is an absorbing story about a soldier who discovers that different people judge different people differently, much the same as they do love and hate.


John Warren Scully becomes a womanizer at an early age. His older brothers teach him well, but fail miserably in one area of his "street education." They never teach Scully that there is a big difference between tolerance and intolerance, and between compassion and brutality. Scully has to learn that for himself. At the age of seventeen, Scully joins the army, where he soon comes face-to-face with the concepts his brothers never explained. Along the way, the new knowledge almost gets him killed, especially after basic training when he finds his best buddy, Howie Sullivan, brutally murdered. Howie was recently recommended for a Soldier's Medal for saving a mother and her child's lives. But the homicide investigation reveals that Howie may have been a homosexual. The Soldier's Medal is put on hold, pending clarification. Now, Scully is faced with a new dilemma. Should he disclaim his past friendship with Howie, or should he continue to honor that close friendship despite the ugly suspicious that could adversely affect him and his military career?”


According to the book description of Taken by Force, it “is an explosive suspense about people who lust for power, while totally ignoring the destructive consequences of their actions on innocent lives. But one day fate intercedes, and proves once again that consequences work both ways, up and down.


Taken hostage by terrorists can be a devastating experience as Charlie Moore learns when he visits Fort Ritchie, Maryland. He is taken hostage by a group of alleged terrorists who have just kidnapped the President of the United States. Soon, a Top-Secret message is dispatched to Secret Service Agents, revealing a chilling dilemma. There are two Presidents missing, the real one and his double. While the search intensifies by special military and civilian teams, Charlie Moore plans a daring escape with one President, whichever one he is. Meanwhile, the alleged terrorists prepare to implement their own plan.”


According to the book description of A Debt of Honor, it “is a fast-paced suspense/thriller that involves the illegal flow of Soviet nuclear scientists to terrorist countries that seek mass-destruction capabilities.


Colonel Antonovich is assigned to a Special Investigations Department (SID) of the town prosecutor's office to stop the illegal flow of Soviet scientists to terrorist countries, whether their disappearances are voluntary or otherwise. Before it is over, many government officials are dead, and more scientists have vanished, including Colonel Antonovich's wife, who is also a nuclear scientist. With new information, Antonovich rushes for the Sheremetyevo Airport outside of Moscow with a special tiger team. He believes his wife and some other scientists are being held there, pending relocations to secret destinations.”


According to the book description of Escape, it “is a breath-taking suspense that pits the will of a paranoiac commune leader with the grit of a Daphne, Alabama grade-school teacher who fights to escape his madness and power.


On a familiar jogging trail in the densely wooded area near historic Blakeley Park, Pilar Brighton slices through the shafts of early morning light like a frightened gazelle in flight. Her eyes are glazed with terror as she dashes for her very life. Four men dressed in sweat suits, and wearing ski masks, are closing fast behind. They are determined to drive Pilar to Willnook Springs, a commune headed by Leo Croker, an ex-convict and self-ordained priest. She pushes on, hoping her legs and wind hold true. If she loses this race, she will soon discover that Leo Croker is more than a self-ordained priest; he is a madman out to kill her. Despite her determination, Pilar is soon captured and taken to Willnook Springs to face the horror behind the commune walls. Unwavering in her resolve, she now attempts a new escape, one that is filled with doubts and dangers exactly like her failing marriage at home.”


According to the book description of Suffer the Fool, it “is a provocative suspense that places a hired killer on a deadly collision course with a man who wants to die, but not by his own hand.


David Maloney is a quiet novelist, a man who wants to die, but not by his own hand. To make it legal, he wants Alabama to do it for him, using "Yellow Mama," the chair up at Atmore. Then his death would be on the State's hands, not his, and his wife would receive the insurance money without a hitch. But David needs help. He must convince his best friend, Harvey Masterson, to disappear for a while, and then convince the police that he killed him. But sometimes even the best-laid plans fail, particularly when a vicious killer like Jake Chiles is in town. He comes to set some fires and do some killings to support an elaborate real estate scam that is centered on the Eastern Shore of Mobile. Joe Dudley is intimately involved in the scam and so is Pat, Harvey's wife; Joe's new lover. And that definitely presents a delicate complication for David Maloney and his plans, especially after Pat and Joe find out about Maloney's "simulated" murder scheme, and decide to disappear Harvey for real.”


According to the book description of Dead Light, it “is a page-turning suspense that begins with an alleged suicide that quickly evolves into multiple murders that involve Soviet officials at every level of government.


During a violent thunderstorm, a man's body falls from the Sobakina Tower, and crashes into the garden outside the Kremlin walls. During the initial investigation, Colonel Antonovich and his partners discover that there have been many alleged suicides lately. Strangely, the families of many of them are missing, the same as the family of the alleged suicide found at the bottom of the Kremlin walls. As the investigation continues, the so-called rash of suicides leads to a trail of illegal exit visas, evidence of laundered money, and multiple cases of unlawful death, and finally to the questionable disposition of nuclear waste. Now, Colonel Antonovich must hurry to find who is responsible before anymore "suicides" are found, or someone makes a dirty bomb from waste.”

A Debt of Honor: A Novel
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Escape: A Novel
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A Crooked Path: A Novel
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No Time to Die
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Dead Light: A Novel
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Deadly Encounters: A Novel
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Whispers: A Novel
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Suffer the Fool: A Novel
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Taken by Force: A Novel
Robert A Gallinger  More Info

According to the book description of A Crooked Path, it “is an absorbing love/war suspense that explores the dilemma of a hate that tries to destroy a Soviet Army officer, while it disrupts a love he desperately seeks to preserve.


In his youth, a brutal stepfather devastates Vladimir Antonovich's life. At the age of eighteen, Vladimir is drafted into the Soviet Army. There, he swears he will kill his stepfather once the Army shows him how. Years later, Vladimir earns a commission. He then marries and has a son. But the hate for his stepfather still burns. Eventually, he is ordered to Afghanistan where he must assassinate a Mujahedin leader. Traveling high into the Hindu Kush Mountains, he and his men find the target's hideout. There is a fierce firefight. Vladimir is captured, but manages to escape. He returns home a hero, but his mind is still filled with the brutality of his youth. He decides to visit home one last time to sort things out. Facing his stepfather, he must now decide if he will finally kill the old man, or leave the brutal past behind, and return to his loving wife and son, and a bright military career.”


According to the book description of No Time to Die, it “is a riveting love/war suspense that catapults a wartime secret from the past into the present where a retired soldier must face its devastating truth one last time.


In 1965 the Army proclaimed him a hero. Now, thrity-four years later, Walter Lewis and his wife, Karen, must face Sergei Godunov and the Murphy brothers, who claim Walter was never a hero at all. To them, he'd been a coward, and they intend to make him pay. Caught in Spanish Fort, Alabama, Karen slips into a coma and Walter has a heart attack. Unconcious in intensive care, they have an out-of-body experience that hurls them back to an adventurous past that was filled with war, lies and deceit, and unlawful death. It was the time they'd fallen in love, too, after he'd been wounded and she'd been his nurse. They vowed to survive despite the odds. But Godunov and the Murphy brothers are not interested in vows or odds or love, either back then or now. They're in town to settle old scores.”


According to the book description of Deadly Encounters, it “is an extraodinarily chilling thriller where a tragedy from the past redefines love and hate, providing a perverse rationale for a series of unexplained murders.


Based on his deadly encounters, the local newspapers dub him the Prince of Darkness, an evil person on a rampage of death. His victims are mostly female tourists, and most attacks occur in the hills overlooking Heidelberg, except the last one. Inspector Stefan Krupp is baffled when another body is found. It appears to be mutilated in the same way as the others, but there are inconsistencies. Krupp is faced with a new dilemma. Is a cleverly insane killer trying to confuse the police, or are there two vicious killers on the loose with different motives? When another body is found, Krupp must finally face up to what his honed instincts have been trying to tell him. The killer is someone he knows. Now, he must prove what his gut tells him before someone else is killed, or he is.”

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