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Donald W. Griffis

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Major Donald W. Griffis, USMC (ret.) “has practiced for over 26 years in West Texas and, prior to that, served as a law clerk to Honorable Joe E. Estes, United States District Judge, in Dallas. Before going to work for Judge Estes, Mr. Griffis served for three years on active duty as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. He served in Vietnam as both a Staff Legal Officer and as an Infantry Officer and then was assigned to teach military law at the Marine Corps Basic School, Quantico, Virginia.” Major Donald W. Griffis is the author of Eagle Days: A Marine Legal/Infantry Officer in Vietnam.


According to the book description of Eagle Days: A Marine Legal/Infantry Officer in Vietnam, “This is a unique view of the War in Vietnam. Much has been written about America's war in Vietnam, and an enduring and troubling subtext is the composition of the body of soldiers that made up the U.S. troop deployment: from the initially well-trained and disciplined group of largely elite units that served in the mid-sixties to what has been termed an "armed mob" by the end of that decade and into the early 1970s. Drug use, insubordination, racial antagonism that often became violent, theft and black market dealing, and even "fragging" (murder of officers and senior noncoms by disgruntled troops) marred the record of the U.S. military presence. Griffis served in the twin roles of legal officer charged at various times with the task of both defending and prosecuting servicemen, while at the same time leading combat patrols in "search and destroy" missions against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese enemy. His account is therefore remarkable in its personal record of experiencing what the military should do best - meet, engage, and defeat the enemy - and what it becomes when esprit de corps, discipline, and a sense of purpose decay.”

Eagle Days: A Marine Legal/Infantry Officer in Vietnam
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One reader of Eagle Days: A Marine Legal/Infantry Officer in Vietnam said, “Very interesting book about a young Marine's experiences in Viet Nam. Written as a journal it gives a unique perspective on a soldier's daily challenges during war. Author Griffis's role as both a defense counsel and a prosecutor exposes us to some of the lesser known trials and tribulations that soldiers encounter during war time. It also does a good job of showing the sacrifices that soldiers are more than willing to make when called upon to do so by their country.”


Another reader of Eagle Days: A Marine Legal/Infantry Officer in Vietnam said, “Written in journal entries, "Eagle Days" is an interesting look at the day-to-day life of a man at war. One would expect that such a book might be dry as West Texas land, but Mr. Griffis has written with wry humor that lets one see the young man behind the uniform. Overall, I recommend the book not only for those who have been to war, but for those who have not. The name of war has changed, but not the pride and bravery of the soldier who fights it.”

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