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Ben R. Games

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Major Ben R. Games, Ph.D., USA (ret.) “was commissioned Army Aviation Class 43K. Flew Bombers and night fighters in WWII. During the Korean period he flew Jet Fighters and in Vietnam Chinook CH47 helicopters. He is a member of the the North American Mach Busters Club and Distinguished Flying Cross Society with 737 recorded combat hours. Ben was awarded the DFC, Bronze Star, 13 Air Medals, Army Commendation Medal, 2 Medals for Valor, and 2 Legion of Merit. He also served as a pilot with the 1st Cavalry Division, 5th, 8th, 13th, 20th Air Forces, INANG, & MIARNG.”


Major Ben R. Games is the author of My Guardian Angel: A Pilot's Story from 1932 through 1963; Adventures of Benny Bob; Confession of a CIA Interrogator; Sinking of the Carol B; Montana's Vacation; Beyond; Without Prejudice; Jihad Vietnam; and, Powered Parachute Zone.


According to the MOAA book description of My Guardian Angel: A Pilot's Story from 1932 through 1963, “ A very lively recounting of the career of a military pilot who enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1943 and flew every kind of plane the military had through the 1970s, including single-engine World War II fighters, long-range bombers, and jet fighters. Games' flying days were not without mishaps, and many times the bold pilot survived only because, he was certain, he had a guardian angel assigned specifically to protect him.”


According to the book description of Confession of a CIA Interrogator, “This is a nonfiction story covering 2 1/2 years of a CIA Contract Agent in Vietnam. It was the period when the Paris Peace Talks name was changed to the Paris Peace Accord to prevent the American people from learning that the United States had given up the fight to save the Vietnamese people from the Communist. It was a strange war where the citizen-soldiers of the United States never lost a battle but were defeated by the Communist lies told to their families at home. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) discovered the Communist Plan to move the North Vietnamese Army on selected routes to encircle the US Army and trap them in Saigon to create an American Dunkirk on the day the Paris Peace Accord was to take affect. It would prove to the world that the US Army had run from the battle field. Mr. William Colby head of the CIA efforts in Vietnam was informed of the Communist Plan, and he along with a few patriots in the CIA developed a system to give the US Army time to leave Vietnam in a controlled military disengagement. This plan was so secret that no name was given to it and only the men who were fighting to save America from becoming a Communist State knew. Bill Colby used every tool available to him. One was a CIA Contract Agent Gilbert H. Moriggia, a CIA Interrogator, and another was the secret CIA Dai Phong Program. The basic plan was simple a matter of obtaining immediate intelligence and to destroy the communist (VC) in all junction of the North Vietnamese Army's transportation routes to Saigon. This is the adventure story of how a CIA Contract Agent helped Bill Colby's give the US Army time to save themselves.”


According to the book description of Adventures of Benny Bob, “These are autobiographic adventure stories about growing up in the wild, wild West, where young Benny Bob’s sense of humor taught him to run fast. It’s actually one of a series of events about how Benny Bob lived and later became a citizen soldier. This may be a clue on how a boy growing up can develop into a great warrior in a time of world confusion.  These stories are based upon journal entries and pictures made of Benny Bob’s adventures by his mother. Readers of Little Big BOOKS stories may think that Benny Bob was a mean little kid, but this was not true. It was only that he was bored and hated to carry buckets of water. As a young man, he was always wondering if there was another way of doing things. Today, he is still seeking a better way.


Today, we live in a Geo-feudal age; an age where there are chairmen instead of kings, generals instead of knights, and stockholders instead of serfs. History shows us that this age started sometime after WW-II when our congress was mostly made up of military veterans who believed everyone who served our country should have the opportunity to earn a college education. When Benny Bob grew up, all young men were drafted, and every man or woman, after serving their country, was given the GI Bill to pay for a college education of their choice.”

Sinking of the Carol B (Little Big Books)
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Adventures of Benny Bob (Little Big Books)
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Confession Of A CIA Interrogator
Joseph B. Kelly as told to Ben R. Games  More Info

Montana's Vacation
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Without Prejudice
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Ben R. Games PhD  More Info

Jihad Vietnam
PhD. Ben R. Games  More Info
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My Guardian Angel: A Pilot's Story from 1942 Through 1963
Ben R. Games  More Info


According to the book description of Sinking of the Carol B, “The authors duties and responsibilities allowed him to live in different countries around the globe which included Japan, Texas, France, Vietnam, Okinawa, and Grand Turk, BWI. His supportive wife Helen M. Games (Whirly Girl #86, the eighty-six woman in the world to become a helicopter pilot) made their home in all these lands. After thirty-five years he retired from the military and became General Manager of the Turks and Caicos National Airline. They have two sons and three grand-children. Everyone lives and works in the state of Florida. All those who would like to help in the research of their next adventure story for Little Big Books are invited to join them on their next Caribbean cruise with Holland American Line.”


According to the book description of Beyond, “is a science fiction story about Roswell, New Mexico and the astronauts from Zoran. It tells how they came to earth looking for help in their war against the Altairons and how an American pilot become one of their Battle Captains. This maybe another reason for the government to hide the facts about the flying saucer crash at Roswell. This story is not for the weak at heart.”

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