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Wayne Creech

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Major Wayne Creech, USAF (ret.) “was promoted three years early to Major in the Air Force. Later, he thought of the pivotal points that helped him achieve the promotion below-the-zone but wondered what the other 120 officers had done to make it. This book contains responses from nearly half and a profile of 19 that may be helpful to you if you're a new lieutenant or want to become an officer. A prior enlisted guy who persevered with his ambition to become an Air Force officer. Dr. Wayne Creech lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and family where he has worked as a training and performance consultant with many defense related corporations.” Major Wayne Creech is the author of Fast Burner: Promotions Below-the-Zone.


According to the book description of Fast Burner: Promotions Below-the-Zone, “Are you currently serving in any of the armed services and want to get ahead? Do you want to learn the characteristics of winners and how they get things done? Are you ready to jumpstart your career and move on in your life? Do you want to learn how to attain your goals and avoid the mistakes others make?

Fast Burner Promotions Below-the-Zone
Wayne E. Creech PhD  More Info

In this comprehensive examination of some of the most accomplished early promotion officers, Dr. Wayne E. Creech will provide you with the valuable information to answer these questions. Dr. Creech has spent several years locating and interviewing these men to find out what made them excel and how others can use it! First-hand accounts and scientific statistical analysis make Fast Burner the definitive book for those men and those of you (definitely women) who are ready to shine above your peers. Regardless of the service you're in as a new officer, whether you're an enlisted person going for a commission, or a new employee in a large corporation, the information can help you become a Fast Burner and make those Promotions Below-the-Zone.”

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