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Archie L. McPherran

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Lieutenant Commander Archie L. McPherran, USN (ret.) is the author of The Last Good War.  The MOAA said of the book, “America resisted becoming involved in the war in Europe for two years, but, once attacked by Japan, it marshaled all its personnel and material resources to defeat its enemies. All men and women were involved, either by volunteering for the military, being drafted, or by working in factories an shipyards, piloting planes from factories to airfields, serving as hostesses at canteens, participating in scrap metal drives, saving cooking fat, growing victory vegetable gardens, or cooperating in the rationing of coffee, meat, sugar, shoes, gasoline, and tires. The relatively good war still caused loss of lives and changed the social fabric due to increased travel, interstate and international marriages, and change in area of residence.”

The Last Good War

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