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James Bell

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Major James Bell, USA (ret.) is the author of The Aide Memoire of Captain Clay Tyler.  The MOAA said of the book, “This book – part Western adventure , part science fiction – follows what happens when a postal inspector is asked by the postmaster general to deliver a box to the commanding general of Fort Carson in 1954. The box was sent by Lt. General Philip H. Sheridan – in 1876!”


One reader of The Aide Memoire of Captain Clay Tyler said, “Jim Bell's well-crafted sci-fi/western vibrates with pulp sentimentality, obsessive period detail, and a wry wit. Most surprising is the novel's Epilogue--wistfully perfect. The story starts out like a lost Twilight Zone episode, then winds down in a cozy fashion with all loose ends happily tied up. Perfect for military history buffs, time-travel plot lovers, and Korea-era veterans. It's a quick read that will leave you wanting more from this relatively new author.”

The Aide Memoire Of Captain Clay Tyler
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