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Frank J. Belsito

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Lieutenant Commander Frank J. Belsito, USN (ret.) is the author of  CIA: Cuba and the Caribbean (CIA Officer's Memoirs).  According to the book description, “This is a true account of activities of an officer who spent more than 20 years of an almost 40 year association with the CIA working in its clandestine service on the Cuban problem. The author was stationed in Cuba during the last year of the Batista government and the first two years of the Castro regime when we broke relations. There after, for most of the rest of his career as a staffer and for 15 years as an active retiree, Belsito handled a large variety of Cuban operations described in the text. Portions have been censored by CIA security, but the main story is pretty much intact.”

CIA: Cuba and the Caribbean :(CIA Officer's Memoirs)
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