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Virginia Kreimeyer

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Major Virginia Kreimeyer, USAF (ret.) “served in the Balkans twice and earned the Air Combat Medal. After retiring from the Pentagon, she taught at Arkansas State University for five years.  She is the author of Sins of the Fathers.


According to the book description of Sins of the Fathers, “Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Johnson is plunged into the web of hatred among the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian warring factions when she is sent to Zagreb. Although a Peace Treaty has been signed, animosities manifest themselves in the downing of the Implementation Forces commander's aircraft, carrying Fortune 500 CEOs as well as the admiral. Leslie must juggle intense media interest and monitor the aircraft incident investigation process, while averting attempts on her own life. In the midst of these chaotic days, Leslie encounters a stabilizing factor in Colonel Roger Wilson and shares a few stolen moments with him. Survival and understanding the repercussions of the Balkan Wars and Croatia's rise to independence becomes the focus of the two Air Force officers in this volatile environment.”

Sins of the Fathers
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