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Warren Gray

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Warren Gray is a former career intelligence officer with experience in special operations and counterterrorism.  He served in Europe and the Middle East, earned parachutist wings, eight more military qualification badges, and twenty military medals.  He also earned four college degrees, including a Master of Aeronautical Science degree, and was a distinguished graduate of the Air Force Targeting School.  Warren Gray is the author of Death Stalker; Steel Dragon; Persian Ghost; and, Black Falcon.


According to the book description of Steel Dragon, “In early 2007, only months after boldly testing a series of ballistic missiles and an underground nuclear device, North Korea suddenly and inexplicably agreed to dismantle its menacing nuclear weapons program.  Even the most severe economic sanctions had little effect on the militant communist dictatorship, so what forced them to make this unprecedented decision?  This book proposes an incredibly realistic and detailed scenario for a covert military special operation that might have accomplished this remarkable objective.  In Operation Steel Dragon, Air Force combat control officer Jack Wolfe leads a breathtaking, unconventional commando raid against North Korea’s premier missile launch complex, hoping to strike without warning and slip away into the shadows.  Japan and South Korea prepare for the worst as the fast-paced plot unfolds.  Ultimately, the morning calm is broken by a savage battle on land, sea, and in the air, and the Kim Jong-Il regime must make a fateful decision.”


According to the book description of Persian Ghost, “To avert potential nuclear war in the Middle East, Air Force special operations officer Jack Wolfe must covertly plan and execute the total destruction of Iran’s nuclear facility at Bushehr before the Israelis strike it in self-defense.  With only a handful of experts in Bahrain, his daunting, clandestine mission, Operation Persian Ghost, must ensure stealth and pinpoint accuracy while concealing American involvement.  As Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program reaches a critical point with completion of the first reactor and the election of a new, hard-line president intent on destroying Israel, Jack’s task is complicated by skirmishes with Iranian forces, Israeli air strike preparations, and his unexpected romance with a female pilot.  He boldly leads a commando team into Iran, and bombs fall during a raging battle with a cataclysmic conclusion.  Persian Ghost is a grippingly realistic tale of unrivaled urgency, cooperation, and daring in overcoming the forces of international terror.”


According to the book description of Death Stalker, “Imad Fayez Mugniyah, the “Hyena,” is the most dangerous terrorist in the world in 2007, still wanted for the destruction of the U.S. Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut, the man who taught Osama bin Laden to use explosives, who even now coordinates and leads Iranian special operations against American troops in Iraq. With a huge bounty on his head, dead or alive, he ventures into Syria on behalf of Iranian intelligence and the Hezbollah terrorist organization to orchestrate a series of bold attacks. CIA operative Alec Carlson, a former Navy SEAL, leads Operation Death Stalker, a covert initiative to target Mugniyah’s nefarious activities, search for smuggled weapons of mass destruction, and to hunt down this vicious killer in person. Stalking the elusive Hyena is more difficult than anyone imagines, though, and the deadly trail is obscured by kidnapping, gunrunners, snipers, airstrikes, commandos, assassins, a militant uprising, and a final, heart-pounding conclusion.”

Black Falcon
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Steel Dragon
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Persian Ghost
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Death Stalker
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According to the book description of Black Falcon, “In July of 1996, the most dangerous terrorist in Europe returned from the dead on a ruthless spree of bloodlust and vengeance, financed by a fortune in looted Nazi gold.  Three leading German industrialists were brutally murdered, one with his entire family. The German government sent their best counterterrorist commando to Fort Bragg for our help, but we only gave him one man, one very special Green Beret intelligence officer with a secret past.  Together with a German police commando and a beautiful French spy, he launched Operation Black Falcon, searching the rugged Albanian coast for the exiled terrorist and his evil girlfriend, and concluding with a daring and bloody raid.  This is a story of triumph, treachery, assassination, and betrayal at the highest levels.  It’s a grim reminder that the cycle of terror is never-ending, and can only be broken by the bold, by those who know no limits.”

According to the book description of   Tequila Moon, “After a controversial Colombian Air Force raid against a narco-terrorist FARC guerilla leader in March 2008, unpredictable Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez sends ten armored battalions to the border, initiating a bold regional confrontation that would last for two weeks.  Special Forces officer Dirk Sheppard is ordered to slip into Venezuela in a covert reconnaissance mission to gain first-hand, inside information about the leftist Chávez regime.  This daring endeavor, known as Operation Tequila Moon, quickly transitions to a direct-action commando raid when Iranian long-range ballistic missiles are discovered, and a planned replay of the famed Cuban Missile Crisis must be thwarted at all costs.  Aided by a dissident Venezuelan general, Dirk’s team embarks on a series of wild adventures in the Andes and near a major naval base, culminating in a lightning-speed battle at a tropical island.  Tequila Moon is a vividly detailed and intensely realistic account of espionage, betrayal, and heart-pounding military action”

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