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Tommy Towery

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Major Tommy Towery, USAF (Ret.) earned a B.S. degree in Journalism in 1968 from Memphis State University where he also earned a commission as a 2nd Lt. through the AFROTC program. Attended Navigator Training and Electronic Warfare Officer Training at Mather AFB, CA. Following B-52 CCTS training in B-52F models at Castle AFB, CA he was assigned to the 20th Bomb Squadron at Carswell AFB, TX flying B-52C and B-52D models.  He served as a 7th Bomb Wing Combat Intelligence briefer and a Penetration Aids staff officer while grounded from flying status for kidney stones. He was deployed for six months to Guam as part of Operation Bullet Shot and was assigned to 8th Air Force Bomber Operations as an Arc Light mission planner. Three month after returning from his first deployment he was sent on a second six-month TDY to Guam where he worked as an Arc Light planner in the 43rd Bomb Wing Bomber Operations. It was during this assignment that he flew on B-52 combat missions as a staff officer and helped plan Linebacker II missions.

During his career he logged over 1,600 hours in B-52s and over 5,000 hours total flight time. His decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Air Medal with eight oak leaf clusters, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal, the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal and the South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm. Major Tommy Towery is the author of A Million Tomorrows: Memories of the Class of 64, While Our Hearts Were Young; and, Goodbye to Bob.  He is also the editor of the We Were Crewdogs series of books.

 According to the mission statement of the We Were Crewdogs website, Many stories have been written about the B-52 combat missions flown in Vietnam. There's also many books on the B-52 aircraft. On the other hand, there have been very few things written about the day-to-day training, peacetime missions, and everyday life of a B-52 Crewdog during the Cold War era or recent wars.

When the Strategic Air Command ended its Nuclear Alert readiness in 1991, many of us were already out of the B-52 and retired from the service. Now it seems even longer in the past, and not only do aircrews on Nuclear Alert no longer exist, neither does the Strategic Air Command, the command in which many of us spent the majority of our military service.

Thats the educational goal of this collection of stories. Some people sit down and write stories to educate others. Some people write stories to entertain. Some record history. We hope that in our endeavors, this group of stories will do all of these things. It is a collection of the serious and the humorous sides of living the life of a SAC B-52 Crewdog, and it is intended to share those experiences with others.

The common thread that binds them is the B-52 aircraft - the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fellow).


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