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David S. Allen

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Major David S. Allen, USAF (ret.) writes under the nave Dav Allen.  According to Allen, he is “A native of La Crosse, Wisconsin, DAV Allen has been: a flying school lineman; a hard rock miner; an aircraft dispatcher; an Interceptor Controller; a Communications Officer; an office manager; a Realtor, and a bronze Sculptor. DAV flew a plane before he drove a car or rode in a train. After he soloed, he joined the Air Force, and never flew again.”  David S. Allen is the author of A Simple Mistake; Kokopelli’s Ghost and Other Amusements; Circles in the Sand; A Spy in My Ointment; Super Secret Site... Infiltrated! Red Spies in Our Heartland; and, Under a Mandan Moon.


According to the book description of A Simple Mistake, “A humorous story concerning Capt. Jerry Hire who has been mistakenly selected for command of a prototype ABM site just north of the Rio Grande. Hire gets into numerous predicaments during his assignment, among them an incident involving an ABM that is accidentally placed in a silo and another involving a crew member who has gone AWOL in Madam Millicent's Brothel. Matters go from bad to worse when Hire finds himself being pursued by warriors after a wild and crazy party at the Great Stone Teepee, and soon after he is faced with a bout of the dreaded skunk fever.”

According to the book description of Kokopelli’s Ghost and Other Amusements, “Kokopelli's evil half brother threatens to destroy Albuquerque if mankind doesn't accept him as a deity. Using his powerful flute, Kokopelli begins a series of pranks that become more and more violent until he threatens destruction of the city with atomic weapons stored in nearby hills. After his aborted assault against a female officer, she and an archaeologist are offered as sacrificial victims by hysterical citizens and they are forced to meet the monster face-to- face for a showdown.  Other amusements include humorous short stories, a true confession and coming of age of a young American in England.”


According to the book description of Circles in the Sand, “In 1951 the USAF sent a Master Sergeant to an abandoned WWII gunnery range to build and operate a bomb scoring site. As site Commander his first job was to determine what was needed. He needs everything. What he found was a 4200 foot runway, three dilapidated Quonset huts, no barracks, no mess hall, no vehicles and MY GOD! NO PX! Besides the lack of infrastructure he must overcome a powerful rancher and his evil cowpoke, a demented sheepherder, a spooky Indian, and a succubus determined to ruin his love life with a charming widow.”


According to the book description of Super Secret Site... Infiltrated! Red Spies in Our Heartland, “At a Super Secret Antiballistic Missile Site on an Indian reservation in Outer Montana, Captain Jerry Hire, a Wire Officer, mistakenly placed in command, faces a whirlwind of problems: horny Airmen confined to the site; a sexy secretary determined to cure a gay Airmen; arrival of an unexpected missile, and hostile Indian warriors who decide 'the site is ours.' A romantic interlude with the Black Hand Princess, Minnie Catamount, results in a case of the dread Skunk Fever and its horrific cure. Among these activities, the site is infiltrated by two red spies. Firing of the missile climaxes the story.”

Under a Mandan Moon
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Circles in the Sand
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Kokopelli's Ghost? And Other Amusements
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Simple Mistake: Or Is My Farce Red
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Super Secret Site... Infiltrated! Red Spies in Our Heartland
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A Spy in My Ointment
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Helen Temple
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According to the book description of Under a Mandan Moon, “A powerful English churchman believes the Welch have the Holy Grail in the New World, and in 1611 commissions a young Leftenant to find them and return the Holy Grail to England. 'Squire' Allen rescues a pale, blond-haired Red-Indian boy, and recruits him for the grail quest. At a mysterious structure on the Ohio, Squire is struck from behind. When he comes to he is looking at a tall red-haired ëNatural' girl. Her companion is shape-shifting Coyote-Witch. Leahna joins the men on a trek to find her ancestors, the Mandan. Provoking Coyote's ire, along the way, she becomes Squire's wife-mate.”

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