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Lothar Maier

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Major Lothar Maier, USAF (ret.) “entered pilot training with Aviation Cadet Class 55-M, January 1954, and was commissioned at Williams AFB, Arizona, in April 1955. Immediately after graduation, he was the first Second Lieutenant to enter SAC\'s Pilot AOB (Aircraft-Observer-Bombardier) course at James Connal-ly AFB, Texas, and received a Navigator rating. Assigned to B-47s at Smoky Hill AFB, Kansas, where in 1956 his crew was the first from the 40th Bomb Wing to be selected for B-52 upgrade training at Castle AFB, California, and subsequently remained there in the 93rd Bomb Wing instructor cadre. Nick was a B-52 aircraft commander for twenty years, flying the B through G model aircraft. He completed one B-52 Arc Light tour in 1969 with 70 combat missions, and was 8AF Command Post Senior Controller at Andersen AFB, Guam, during Linebacker II in 1972. Retiring as a Major in 1977, he worked 16 years in Travel Industry Management. His writings have been published in several military and travel related periodicals.”  Major Lothar Maier is the author of B*U*F*F* (Big Ugly Fat F*****): A Novel from the B-52 Vietnam Bombing Operations.

According to the book description of B*U*F*F* (Big Ugly Fat F*****): A Novel from the B-52 Vietnam Bombing Operations, “is the Strategic Air Command air crew and jungle grunt's popular nickname for the B-52. It is the story of Major Rudi Mauser, a United States Air Force bomber pilot, and the interplay of events leading to his becoming the commander of a B-52 combat crew. He discovers that he had avoided participation in the Korean Conflict by a quirk of fate, only to be thrust into an active combat role in America's controversial war in Vietnam. Rudi and his crew follow in the footsteps of their World War II predecessors, maintaining their sanity by resorting to outrageous attempts at humor. Throughout his career Rudi has confrontations with GK Harden, who had harassed Rudi as an Aviation Cadet. Rudi's frequently erotic love life also ends when he is smitten by Sabrina, a school teacher he meets on the island of Okinawa, who has a very unusual background.

B*U*F*F is written in the vernacular of the B-52 combat crewmember participants, and contains an explicit adult love story. The primary objective is a novel that allows the reader to experience the unrestrained details of Arc Light bombing operations in Southeast Asia. The intimate horrors of modern day conventional weapon bombing contained in B*U*F*F have never been published before.”

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