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Alan D. Rohrer

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Lieutenant Commander Alan D. Rohrer, USN (ret.) “has been working in industry for over 25 years in sales and sales management. He currently is President of his own company that provides sales effectiveness training and consulting to corporate sales organizations across a wide range of industries. He is retired from the United States Navy Reserve and resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife Debbra. Lieutenant Commander Alan D. Rohrer is the author of An Average Joe.

According to the book description of An Average Joe, “Do Winning the Lottery and the 2008 Presidential Election seem like strange bedfellows? For the typical middle-America-public, the odds of having a winning lottery ticket are miniscule while the rewards can be life changing. This year's presidential election has the potential to be a life changing event for millions upon millions of American citizens.

That change hangs in the balance of how we as an electorate vote. What does it take to cause voters to focus on this year's election?  What issue or issues are motivating each and every "Average Joes" across America to pay attention to candidates and the November Election?  What does it take to cause Americans to care?  This is a story of how one American approached these questions on the way to an extraordinary double win.”

An Average Joe
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