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Raymond G. Bronk

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Major Raymond G. Bronk, USAF (ret.) was a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force.  He is the author of Guts, Guns, And Gumption on the Texas Colorado and 50 Secrets of Writing for Magazines.


According one reader of Guts, Guns, And Gumption on the Texas Colorado, “Bronk explains how several thousand "ignorant savages" brought western expansion in central Texas to a halt for two generations and how the persistent pioneers opposed, outmaneuvered, and overpowered them.”


The MOAA said of 50 Secrets of Writing for Magazines, “this book provides advice for the novice and experienced writer to enable them to sell to magazines they wish to target. There is positive advice, reinforced and given credibility by 200 quotes from more than 25 experienced editors and 10 top-selling professional nonfiction writers. The book includes many "don't do's" that, if ignored, could doom even a well-written article to rejection. The all-important query letter is explained in all its advantages and elements, and a popular easy-reading manuscript format is described in detail. A handy glossary is provided, and new terminology is footnoted to inform the beginner and remind the more advanced writer.”

50 Secrets of Writing for Magazines
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Guts, Guns, And Gumption On The Texas Colorado
Raymond G. Bronk  More Info

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