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Tom Spence

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Major Tom Spence, USMC (ret.) “is a retired Marine Corps officer who served in all four Marine Divisions, as a deputy commander in the United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission, and as a program manager at the Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division, Orlando, Florida.  He served in multiple command, staff, and independent duty assignments, always with an eye for the humor or irony in his environment.  He has degrees in political science and biblical studies.”  Tom Spence is the author of Sea Stories; First Steps Towards Eternity; Tough Day at the Plate; Even the Elect; and, The Best of Out of the Box.


According to the book description of Even the Elect, “Want to deceive an army, then bypass the soldiers and go straight to the commander. Want to deceive an entire world including those that believe the truth of Jesus Christ with all their heart, then tempt them with original sin--to be like God--and they willingly become prophets of deceit. Jim Nations is such a man. He is a respected doctor of biblical studies who believes he can win thousands to Christianity if he can show the world that blood found preserved for two thousand years beneath the site where Christ was crucified contains only a single X chromosome. Kelly Justine is the archeologist that can deliver this evidence of human blood with no earthly father. Jim accepts Kelly's invitation to join her at the Jerusalem dig site, but finds getting there to be a circuitous journey through Kelly's other archeological dig sites where discoveries of countless vanishings of first century Christians are being revealed through secular accounts of those that remained. Although obsessed with getting to Jerusalem and fulfilling his life-long quest; Jim cannot ignore the evidence obtained enroute, that all of the prophecy in the bible has already been fulfilled--all of it.”

Tough Day at the Plate
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Out Of The Box
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Sea Stories
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First Steps Towards Eternity
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Even the Elect
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