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Miguel Reece

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Major Miguel Reece, United States Air Force, (ret.) "is a military veteran with more than thirty years of service as both an enlisted member and an officer in the U.S. Air Force. He served in Vietnam and the Middle East, as well as a member of Stabilization Forces in the Balkans. Major Reece was born in the Panama Canal Zone. He has a bachelors degree from Southern Illinois University and a masters degree from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri. After thirty years in the Air Force, he served for ten years with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Major Reece enjoyed working with veterans and making a difference in the lives of the beneficiaries. He often visited veterans with their families in their homes, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, relatives homes, under bridges, in parks, or even in a tree house. He aspires to share these stories with the world and educate a new generation or remind society of the sacrifices the American veterans endured for the freedom of this nation and not to allow their stories to be forgotten."  Major Miguel Reece is the author of The Disabled Veteran's Story: The Sacrifices of our Veterans and Their Families.

According to the book description of The Disabled Veteran's Story: The Sacrifices of our Veterans and Their Families, it is "our American Heroes: The Stories behind the Fight for Freedom and Democracy This book is not about the author. This book is not about the battle. This book is about military members who are now veterans. Their memories are about some of the most legendary battles as well as their own private struggles. The recollections of these veterans cover an array of experiences around the worldone of the first female pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps; a survivor of the Bataan Death March; POWs from WWII and Korea; an Ohio National Guardsman at Kent State; survivors, fighters, and patriots from Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Their families share their heroic stories of service to the world's freedom, as well as their frustration and disappointment with the VA bureaucracy or lack of information-sharing practices about their entitled benefits. The efforts of caregivers in enabling their veterans to have the best quality of life possiblespouses, mothers, children, guardians/fiduciaries, healthcare professionals, and the grandmother who had both her son and granddaughter deployedspeak volumes of their commitment and unconditional sacrifices. This collection of their stories is the authors continued privilege of serving the veterans who have enabled this great nation to stand guard in the world and assure the right to be free. Read on with respect and compassion."

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