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Gerald T. Richard

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Major Gerald T. Richard, USA (ret.) is the author of Jimmy.


The MOAA said of Jimmy, “Jimmy Warton lands in war-torn Germany in December 1948 as a 15-year-old soldier. Culture shock, alcohol, and women land him in trouble. While awaiting court martial, Jimmy finds help from friends he didn’t know he had and finally gets alcohol free. An officer makes a surprising intervention that helps turn around Jimmy’s life. Acquitted at his trial through a little luck and some legal research, Jimmy can make a fresh start with a clean record.”


One reader said of Jimmy, “I very much enjoyed reading this book. The story is straightforward and believable as jimmy goes through many of the same troubles and adventures that many boys do as they mature. I was able to identify with and root for the main character, Jimmy. The story unfolded naturally and did not try to force a moral position upon the reader.


The ending is upbeat without being sappy, and I was genuinely happy that things worked out for jimmy in the end. This was a very entertaining and easy book to read. I finished it quickly and feel it is a great book for young adults and up. I hope you enjoy it as well.”

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