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B. Diggs Brown

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Major B. Diggs Brown, USA “began his military career as a private first class with the MOS of O5B (radio operator with Morse Code capability).  After serving 10 years as an enlisted man on a Special Forces A-team (Operational Detachment A Team) and achieving the rank of sergeant first class, he received a direct appointment to Second Lieutenant and assumed the executive officer position on an A-team.  He eventually was promoted to captain and after serving as a detachment commander for several years he was moved to the battalion staff to work with the operations section.  CPT Brown was promoted to Major B. Diggs Brown in August of 2005.


While in Afghanistan his many duties included, among other things, coordinating VIP visits to his base, Officer in Charge of Liaisons at command level, coordinating with the US Embassy, and coordinating operations in the joint command operations center. His deployments include: Afghanistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Honduras, and Singapore. Major B. Diggs Brown is the author of Your Neighbor Went to War: Reality and the War on Terror.


The MOAA said of Your Neighbor Went to War: Reality and the War on Terror, “This is the moving account of a member of the U.S. Army Specials Forces. A green Beret in the Colorado National Guard, Diggs takes us through his remarkable seven-month tour in war-torn Afghanistan – facing challenges in the oppressive atmosphere of terrorism, winning the hearts and minds of the impoverished people in a Afghan village, organizing school children to help rebuild a bombed-our school, and more.”

Your Neighbor Went to War: Reality and the War on Terror
B. Diggs Brown Jr.  More Info


One reader of Your Neighbor Went to War: Reality and the War on Terror said, “Diggs Brown has done a great service to our nation, both as an individual serving his country and as an author sharing the "good news" of success in the war on terrorism. This is especially important when most of the print and television media are presenting only the casualty lists.

In July 2002, his unit was informed to prepare for deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Diggs shares what it was like to leave all the "comforts of home," leave his successful civilian job for an entire year, and switch from "weekend warrior" to full-time soldier in a combat zone as a Special Forces officer in the Army National Guard.


He tells his story by sharing the many EMAILs and letter back and forth. He describes his many activities, while the main unit is working to train the New Afghan National Army, CPT Diggs and his fellow soldiers, and the unit chaplain, and the unit medics, all are also working equally hard to help the children and families living around the bases where they are stationed, teaching English, repairing schools, providing aid to orphanages, etc. His activities are in keeping with traditional Special Forces values, attempting to "win the hearts and minds" of the Afghan people he is helping to liberate. CPT Diggs is an excellent example of the Special Forces Latin motto.... “de opresso liber”, or “To liberate the oppressed.”

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