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William P. Lear

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Major William P. Lear, USAF (ret.) is the author of Memoir of a Military Mustang: Character Traits of an American Patriot. According to the book description, “Memoir of a Military Mustang is a detailed journal of the author's 21 years of service in the United States Air Force. The word 'mustang' is military slang used to describe an enlisted person who eventually receives an officer's commission. The author served seven years in the enlisted ranks before securing an officer's commission. While sorting through numerous military documents and memorabilia, Major Lear began recalling many of his previous military experiences. This book transports the reader back in time as it reflects on the many ups and downs of his military career. Each chapter highlights a different character trait which was most prevalent during each particular time frame. The author's original intent was to simply document his military experiences; however, the book soon evolved into much more. Life in the military can be lonely if you have no family to share it with. Since his family was so important to his military career, he decided to include their personal experiences within the book. Memoir of a Military Mustang reveals the inner thoughts and feelings of a military professional. While many of the stories he relates are true, some names have been changed to protect the privacy of those individuals. The author hopes the book will provide readers with a positive perspective of the military environment.”

Memoir of a Military Mustang: Character Traits of an American Patriot
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