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Robert V. Ricard

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Lieutenant Commander Robert V. Ricard, USCG (ret.) was “born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, retired U. S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander Robert V. Ricard started off as an enlisted man then went to Officers Candidate School. He served aboard three Coast Guard cutters. He was later an investigating officer in the field of Marine Safety. He learned to fly at age 13 and got his Private License at 18. He is from a police family. His two older brothers retired from the Detroit Police Department. One was a homicide detective and then Detective Inspector in charge of homicide. Commander Ricard resides in Evans, Georgia. Lieutenant Commander Robert V. Ricard is the author of Deep Selection.

Deep Selection
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According to the book description of Deep Selection, “Retired Congresswoman Constance Kellerman is murdered. As a feminist member of Congress, she had gotten involved in an investigation into sexual misconduct at an annual convention for Naval aviators. The investigation then became a witch hunt, unjustly ending the careers of several male aviators. Detective Lieutenant Ralph Bubrowski and Detective Sergeant Sally Murphy hunt for the killer, and the case changes their lives forever. The suspects are the aviators and a former deputy sheriff who had been fired because of Mrs. Kellerman's maliciousness. Deep Selection goes into the complex world of the coed military and coed police departments.”

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