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Blair Barrows

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Lieutenant Commander Blair Barrows, USN (ret.) “served on submarines in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans both as an enlisted man and as an officer. Barrows also was a deep sea hard-hat diver and commanded the submarine rescue ship USS Coucal in the Far East during the Vietnam war.  Blair Barrows is the author of The Deep Steal.


According to the book description of The Deep Steal, “both the Cold War and the Real War in Vietnam rage into 1972, when a loaded Soviet nuclear sub is sabotaged in the South China Sea by a deranged and suicidal crewman. Finding the bottomed Morozov by luck, the U.S. Navy devises a masterful plan to pull weapons from the sub that depends on gutsy deep-sea divers and finding a lone Russian survivor before the Soviet KGB does. Love, death, and intrigue in the Philippines with men, women, the CIA, and more – become involved in a daring attempt to pull off the Deep Steal.”

The Deep Steal
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