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Donna H. Barthle

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Major Donna H. Barthle, USA (ret.) is “a parish acolyte leader since 1985, also has extensive experience as a personnel administrator, a teacher, and a journalist.” She is the author of an Acolyte Leader’s Resource Guide and The Parish Acolyte's Guide.

According to the book description of Acolyte Leader’s Resource Guide, “Managing an acolyte program, like managing any volunteer program, requires knowledge, skill, the ability to plan, budget, write reports, and most importantly, the ability to train, motivate, and encourage people. The Acolyte Leader's Resource Guide provides everything someone new to managing an acolyte program needs to know, as well as tips that even the most experienced leaders will find useful. This manual will help any acolyte director manage an effective program and cut down the administrative duties to a reasonable size.


Beginning with a history of the acolyte ministry itself, Donna Barthle, an experienced acolyte leader, provides details on the duties of each acolyte position, followed by suggestions for dealing with training, scheduling, maintaining rosters, budgeting, writing reports for the vestry, and general supervision of acolytes and the program. Instructions for training acolytes for regular Sunday worship as well as festivals and special services, plus sample forms and letters to use in managing the program, make this an indispensable resource for acolyte leaders.”

Parish Acolyte Guide
Donna H. Barthle  More Info

Acolyte Leader's Resource Guide
Donna H. Barthle  More Info

According to the book description of The Parish Acolyte's Guide, it “is the complete guidebook for individual acolytes. This handbook, written for acolytes of varying ages includes information about the history of the ministry of acolytes, the duties of the various acolyte positions, the vestments they will wear, and the equipment they will use. Since each parish does things slightly differently, the Guide includes space for acolytes to record specifics pertinent to their own parish and sanctuary.”

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