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Rob Ballister

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Lieutenant Commander Rob Ballister is a Naval Academy graduate and career naval officer who is currently on active duty in the Washington, DC area.  Lieutenant Commander Rob Ballister is the author of God Does Have a Sense of Humor.


According to the book description of God Does Have a Sense of Humor, “Author Rob Ballister delivers a touching and entertaining portrait of his journey through dating, growing up in New Jersey, and surviving cancer.

Along the way, he learns that God Does Have a Sense of Humor. Follow him:

Through surgery - My understanding was that the doctor, while hopping up and down on one foot and singing the national anthem, was going to remove my lymph nodes using a butter knife, a hacksaw, and some 10W-30 motor oil.

Into the confessional - There sat Father Riener, who was technically old enough to have been one of the original apostles. As I began reciting my list, Father began falling asleep. Being only in the fourth grade, I did exactly what I did at home when my younger sister fell asleep. I kicked him.

Through family Christmas traditions - That first year, Dad put up a wreath and Mom put up a tree, and things were pretty much low key that season. Then I was born, and as I grew, so did Dad’s commitment to having the house visible from orbiting spacecraft.”

God Does Have a Sense of Humor
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One reader of God Does Have a Sense of Humor said, “A day without laughter is like a day without sunshine. All your days can be sunny if you'll just open Rob's book.  Wandering through the table of contents was my first indication that I was in for a chuckle. His candid sharing of awkward moments was enough to put me rolling on the floor with laughter. There is definitely something for everyone to laugh about in his book. If you're looking for a fun book to read, God Does Have a Sense of Humor hits the spot!”


Another reader of God Does Have a Sense of Humor said, “After laughing along with Rob Ballister as he tells about his childhood, his bachelor life and dealing with every curve ball and screw ball life throws at him, I can hardly wait for the next installment. The book is well written as a series of essays that stand alone as humorous antidotes on life. As the author states in his forward, "These stories are not intended to educate or preach... but entertain. Some are almost completely fact, because it can be stranger than fiction. Some are absolutely fabricated. Most are somewhere in between." His mixture of fact and fiction is right on target and will make anyone laugh.”

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