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Euell T. White

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Major Euell T. White, USA (ret.) enlisted in the US Army in 1951.  For the next ten years he would rise through the enlisted ranks, and in 1961, applied for a direct appointment as a Second Lieutenant.  According to Major Euell T. White, “In 1964, I attended the Special Forces Officer Course and the Special Warfare Staff Officers Course at Fort Bragg before my assignment to the 1st Special Forces Group on Okinawa. While in the 1st Group, I participated in two Guerilla Warfare exercises in Korea, and one in Taiwan. In the summer of 1965 I deployed to Vietnam as XO of an A Team. We had trained to work with a specific Montagnard tribe, but when we arrived our mission was changed and the team was assigned to Project Delta.”  Major Euell T. White continued, “In January 1971 I began my third tour in Vietnam and was assigned as Executive Officer of the 3d Battalion, 187th Infantry, 101st Airmobile Division. Upon completion of that tour I was assigned to the 197th Infantry Brigade at Fort Benning until my retirement on 31 May 1972.”  Major Euell T. White is the author of The Life Of A Soldier The Life Of A Soldier and Bread for the Soul.


The MOAA said of Bread for the Soul, “White has compiled 53 devotional lessons to encourage and build up the Christian in his or her daily Christian walk. Topics range from love, fear, grace, guilt, anger, and salvation.

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