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Linda Cates Lacy

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Major Linda Cates Lacy, USMC (ret.) is the author of We Are Marines. The MOAA said of the book, “includes two 50-minute DVDs, underlines the significant obstacles women in the Marine Corps have encountered and overcome and the achievements that have secured their place in the most feared fighting force known to the world.”


Sergeant Christine C. Odom (Chevron, 7/04) said of We are Marines, “Even though women were given this opportunity, they still weren’t allowed to do many things during their enlistments. Mary Sabourin, a retired sergeant major, mentioned in one of her stories that women weren’t required to qualify with a rifle or authorized to wear trousers. Each chapter highlights a particular era, starting when women were fi rst allowed to enlist. Also, the chapters list facts, names and other information about prominent women in the Marine Corps during each era.

We are Marines - We are Marines by Linda Cates Lacy by Linda Cates Lacy
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Today, women constitute 6.2 percent of the Corps’ end strength and are an integral part of the Marine Corps. Th ey are required to meet the same standards as men in most of their annual training. “We are Marines!” is a chronologically organized book with insightful stories from women Marines of our past and present. Completely inspiring, it assures us that no matter what obstacle we may encounter, it won’t break us, but make us stronger.”

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