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Frederick F. Nyc III

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Major Frederick F. Nyc III, USAF (ret.) is the author of Blind Bat: C-130 Night Forward Air Controller: Ho Chi Minh Trail.  The MOAA said of the book, “Along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Viet Cong soldiers and trucks carrying fuel, ammunition, and other supplies moved under the cover of darkness. In the night sky above, hampered not only by darkness, but also by mountains and inclement weather, USAF forward air controllers were zeroing in on their movement. Nyc's story elucidates the special team effort and workhorse aircraft that were required to accomplish the missions. In April 1965 the "Blind Bat" mission, as it was called, teamed with two USAF B-57 bombers and a Marine EF-10 to launch Operation Steel Tiger. The Blind Bat group operated a limited air campaign against troops and supplies in both Laos and North Vietnam. Nyc describes these missions in vivid detail, taking the reader into the cockpit during intense fighting, and gives a unique perspective of day-to-day experiences in a war zone.”

Blind Bat: C-130 Night Forward Air Controller Ho Chi Minh Trail
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