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Christopher P. Michel

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Lieutenant Commander Christopher P. Michel, USN (ret.) “served as a Naval Flight Officer in the United States Navy. While on active duty, Chris flew as a P-3 Navigator, Tactical Coordinator and Mission Commander in support of maritime interdiction operations in the Red Sea, NATO enforcement operations in the Adriatic, and counter-narcotics missions in Central America. Following his operational tour, Chris worked in the Pentagon as Aide to the Chief of the Naval Reserve.” Lieutenant Commander Christopher P. Michel is the author of The Military Advantage: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Military & Veterans Benefits.

According to the book description of The Military Advantage: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Military & Veterans Benefits, “If you are one of the 30 million Americans who have answered the call to serve, you've earned valuable benefits. Literally billions of dollars in scholarships, educational benefits, home loan guarantees, and military discounts are there for the taking. All too often, however, these extraordinary benefits go unused or overlooked.


The Military Advantage will help you unlock these benefits and make the most of your military experience. This plain English guide is a handy reference chock-full of insider tips, little-known benefits, shortcuts, and answers to frequently asked questions. It's an essential resource, an owner's manual for everyone with military or veterans benefits.

Whether you are in uniform today, a veteran, military retiree, or family member, The Military Advantage is an absolute must-have.”

The Military Advantage: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Military & Veterans Benefits
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