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R. L. Cook

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Major R. L. Cook, USAF (ret.) is a registered nurse who also “has a B.R.E. with a minor in English. She has spent time in Costa Rica as a missionary. Ms Cook was a prolific free lance published writer for many nursing and medical magazines.”  She is the co-author of author of A Cry in the Wilderness.


According to the book description of A Cry in the Wilderness, “John the Baptist: desert madman or prophet of God? John is charismatic and controversial. A rugged looking Nazarite, his hair and beard have never been cut and he wears a goat hair tunic. He speaks with authority. His dais is a rocky knoll. Annas, the dethroned Chief Priest knows a secret from John's past. How and to whom he preaches and baptizes till his death at Macchaerus, Herod's stronghold in the desert comes with many surprises.”

A Cry in the Wilderness
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