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Robert A. Bratt

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Major Robert A. Bratt, USA (ret.), “was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and holds a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Indiana State University. He has worn the uniforms of three U.S. armed services, Navy (enlisted), Air Force (officer), and retired as an Army officer, serving as a Medical Service Corps officer in the Army Medical Department. He retired after 24 years of service.  Robert A. Bratt is the author of The Project in Bavaria.


According to the book description of The Project in Bavaria, “This story revolves around the ultimate desire of one man, Dieter Stubing, who directs a secret project in the Bavarian Alps that is designed to make him dictator of the world. The exciting finale comes when Dieter's project is in the final stage of completion and the president of the United States and his Joint Chiefs of Staff plan to bring to bear the entire military might of the United States with the blessing of the United Nations.”

The Project in Bavaria
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