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James D. Ertner

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Lieutenant Commander James D. Ertner, USN (ret.) spent 26 years in the United States Navy. He is the author of Super Silly Animal Riddles; and, a co-author The Giant Book of Animal Jokes: Beastly Humor for Grownups.


One reader of The Giant Book of Animal Jokes: Beastly Humor for Grownups said, “Take an International Save the Pun Foundation "Punster of the Year" and winner of the Toastmaster's International "Golden Gavel" award. Add an O. Henry International Pun-Off "Punniest of Show" champion. And get a virtual Ark-hive of animal riddles, puns, and jokes. An absolute must reference for humorists, joke-list moderators, teachers, parents, and anyone who just loves word play. Over 4500 jokes are cross-indexed for easy reference. Although subtitled "Beastly Humor for Grownups, there are no sexual, violent or other jokes inappropriate for children or adolescents. Rather it is an indication that many of the jokes require an understanding of the English language above the level of younger children so that many of the jokes would go over their heads. As a pediatrician, I feel the book would be excellent for any child over twelve years of age and would be enjoyed by younger children as well. If you buy one joke book this year, this is the one to consider.”

The Giant Book of Animal Jokes: Beastly Humor for Grownups
Richard Lederer; James D. Ertner  More Info
Super Silly Animal Riddles
James D. Ertner  More Info

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