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Michael Farmer

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Major Michael Farmer enlisted in the US Army.  After three years of service he was offered an early release in exchange for entering an ROTC program.  In 1990, after graduating from the University of North Alabama he returned to the Army as an officer where he has had assignments as a tank platoon leader, calvary troop executive officer, tank company commander and ground combat operations.  A graduation from the Naval Post Graduate School he was assigned to the Intelligence Directorate of the United States Central Command.  Michael Farmer is the author of: War Dogs; Tin Soldiers; and, Iron Tigers.


According to the book description of War Dogs, “Deep in the Arizona desert, U.S. Army developers have built a tank the likes of which the world has never known, dubbed the "Tommy Gun." But in a carefully orchestrated attack, Iranian terrorists have captured all the Tommy prototypes and hidden them somewhere in Mexico-along with the project leader, the only one who can activate the tanks. Now, CIA officer Luke Dodd and a team of Green Berets must infiltrate the Iranians' stronghold and take back the ultimate armored weapon.”


According to the book description of Iron Tigers, “In the wake of the second Gulf War comes the revelation of shifting alliances in the Middle East. In Iraq, a stable new government has become a major global player rich with oil. OPEC has been redefined and the Saudis are left standing on the sidelines. But Russia is in turmoil. A hard-line Communist is in control, vowing to return Russia to its former power. His first move is to coerce the Saudi Crown Prince into a coalition to corner the world's oil market. His next is to assert his country's military power with a sudden act of aggression. It's time for the tanks to roll.”


According to the book description of Tin Soldiers, “An alliance with Iran reinvigorates the Iraqi military. To prevent a total conquest of the region, a U.S. Army Heavy Brigade must stand against Iraq's greater numbers and updated technology-while the locals are bent on grinding the small American force into the ancient desert sand.”

Iron Tigers
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War Dogs
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Tin Soldiers
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