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Edward G. Briscoe

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Lieutenant Commander Edward G. Briscoe, USN (ret.) “is a practicing physician who lives in Northern California.”  He is the author of Diary of a short-timer in Vietnam and Marble Cake.  He is also the co-author of The Dreyre: The Saga of Little Owl and Fox Slayer.


According to the book description of Marble Cake, “Dr. Henry Clark is hired as a surgeon by a community hospital in the Poconos of Pennsylvania in the 1960's. He establishes himself in the community, tackling the apprehensions of certain community members at having a Black doctor through his intelligence, charm, and great medical ability.


He meets and falls in love with Monica, an airline stewardess from Montana who happens to be White. As the town learns of his relationship, its liberal veneer fades. The obstacles the couple faces comes in the forms of housing discrimination, social and professional snubs, and a drop in Hank's medical practice. He loses an important hospital position at the instigation of a White bigot. They also feel the barbs from the Black community.


Hank feels torn between his mentor in the Pennsylvania town, the desire to stay and fight adversity, and the feeling that he should return to Harlem to serve his community. Monica, who has never faced such adversity, struggles to make sense of the chaos and ignorance around her. They are part of a marble cake–an incomplete mixing of dark and light batters. Only the support of friends and family and their love for each other help them endure the strain.

The Dreyre: The Saga of Little Owl and Fox Slayer
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Marble Cake
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Diary of a short-timer in Vietnam
Edward G Briscoe  More Info

According to the book description of The Dreyre: The Saga of Little Owl and Fox Slayer, “The year is 1756. A mixed heritage man crosses the Hudson River. Born to a former slave and an Indian mother, he has been freed. He travels north. An Indian tribe befriends him. He joins the tribe and eventually marries an Indian woman. The couple’s oldest son, Little Owl, grows into a teenager who is a great hunter. All is peaceful until Little Owl and his friends are kidnapped by Hessian soldiers while out hunting. The boys are taken far to the south and placed in a prison compound. Their fellow prisoners include former slaves who are members of the Continental Army. After months of internment, the group is rescued. The boys are inducted into the Continental Army.


They spend the next five years fighting as members of the Continental Army. At the end of the war, they return to their village. They left as boys, but return as battle-hardened men.”

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