military books by servicemembers.


The banner leads to book written by police officers, some of whom served in the military.

United States Army

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An Alphabetically listing of United States Army Soldiers whose last name begins with the letter H.

William F. Haenn
Don C. Hall
Wayne Michael Hall
Robert F. Hallahan
Bob Haller
Nick Halley
Kenneth E. Hamburger
Raymond Beresford Hamilton
Francis Hamit
Michael J. Hangee
Ralph Derr Harrity
Richard W. Hathaway, Jr.
Allen Hatley
Otis Hays, Jr.
Donald Springer Hawley
Larry Haworth
Bill Heard
Jon Heavey
Wilson Allen Heefner
Jim Heitmeyer
Gregory A. Helle
Linda R. Herbert
Kenneth J. Herrmann, Jr.
Phillip Herzig
Harold F. Hester
Thomas Hetherington
Homer Hickam
Benjamin Hirsch
Miyoko Hijiki
Patricia A.M. Hodges
James R. Holbrook
Jesse Holder
David C. Holliday
John Holley
Stacey Holley
Paul Holton
Jan Hornung
Sargei Hoteko
Ivan J. Houston
Jon Hovde
Russell D. Howard
Monte Howell
Richard Neal Huffman
William Roosevelt Hudnall
Bill Hunt
Henry Lamar Hunt
Loribelle Hunt
Ron Hunter, Jr.
Thomas Hurley
Herbert C. Huser



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