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Thomas Hurley

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Thomas Hurley, USA, enlisted in the US Army in 1997 when he was 18.  He “completed his basic training in South Carolina and then completed his AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. His MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) was to be a 13 Papa, Fire Direction Specialist for the Multiple Launch Rocket System. At the time he completed his book, he was 26 years and his record of his eight years of military service.” Thomas Hurley is the author of America's Fighting Force.

According to the book description of America's Fighting Force, it “is a compelling story of the young, normal everyday kids that defend our freedom. This is not a biography, although you will get to know the author. It is a documentary that spans eight years of active military service bringing you tales from all over the United States to overseas, including Korea and Iraq. It also showcases a side of the military that is not often written about: the everyday true-life side. It takes you from living in the field and shooting fire missions to cars and women and music. It takes you from being locked down in Korea to playing paper, rock, scissors with young Korean kids, probably five or six years old, even though we couldn't even speak to each other. It will take you from deploying to Iraq and running missions to Baghdad, to living in our tents and writing stupid songs to amuse ourselves. Written from September 2003 to July 2005, America's Fighting Force is a thoroughly detailed account that can be related to by not only members of the military, but every American with a sense of pride in our country as well.”


One reader of America's Fighting Force said, “The most accurate portrayal of contemporary military life. Thomas Hurley has done what has become a rarity in today’s culture. The author has shied away from the "Hollywood" renditions of the common military, This brings the soldiers home and depicts the honest truth about the kids that protect this country. He brings to his readers the honest in the dirt truth about the average kid who decides to enlist in the US Army. Funny, honest, Controversial as well exciting. Guaranteed excellent Buy, and a great gift for both military and civilian consumers.”

America's Fighting Force
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One reader of America's Fighting Force said “Tom has done an incredible job portraying the day-to-day adventures/misadventures of today's service members. I couldn't help but draw the similarities between SGT Hurley and a young Holden Caulfield. Tom's book is a must read for anyone considering a stint or career in the U.S. Armed Services or anyone looking to gain a deeper appreciation of the life in uniform.”

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