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Larry Haworth

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Lieutenant Colonel Larry Haworth, USA (ret.) is a retired US Army Chaplain and the author of Tales of Thunder Run. According to the book description, “Thunder Run was always a wild ride. The troopers who found themselves entrenched on QL13, a major highway leading from Saigon into Cambodia, didn’t always know how things were going to wind up—especially when they ran into an ambush or had a few RPGs aimed their way.  But they knew where they were going. Off the road they could lose their way. But when that track was running down the center of QL13, whichever direction, they knew exactly where they were headed. It was a ride they would remember for a lifetime.

Tales Of Thunder Run
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Tales of Thunder Run is filled with lighthearted, uplifting stories from the jungles of Viet Nam under combat conditions. These vignettes are memories that will help all vets remember and tell their stories with pride—and maybe even a little humor. Nonveterans will gain a little understanding and insight into what life was like in that place and in those days. Whatever your experiences along Thunder Run, or whatever road you traveled, Tales of Thunder Run reminds you that you are better for them—and that our greatest adventure is with God our Creator.”

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