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John Holley

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John Holley and Stacey Holley “served in the United States Army from 1978 – 1981.  Both were in the Military Police Corp during their time of service.  Following graduation from the Military Police Academy, John served with the 553rd MP Company at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.  It was during his time at Ft. Campbell that John earned his Air Assault jump wings, while attached to the 101st Airborne Division home of the storied Screaming Eagles. 

In February 1979 John joined Stacey who was serving with the 980th MP Company at Sierra Army Depot near Susanville, CA where both maintained Top Secret security clearances.  For the remainder of their service period they assisted in the monitoring of activities surrounding a high security area that held munitions and war reserve materials vital to the safety of the United States. The 980th MP Company was responsible to patrol fence lines, operate an elaborate security system, and report vehicle or aircraft activity near several secured locations in a remote high desert area of Northern California.  Members of the 980th were part of a quick-reaction security force that was ready to respond to threats 24 hours a day.   During her service time at Sierra Army Depot Stacey earned an Army Accommodation Medal for her efforts in preparing for and coordinating heightened security readiness scenarios.

John and Stacey were married in September 1979 and concluded their military service in June 1984 after serving out their inactive reserve time with the United States Army. John Holley and Stacey Holley are the authors of Medals, Flags and Memories.

According to the book description of Medals, Flags and Memories, “On November 15, 2005, John and Stacey Holley unwillingly became Gold Star Parents. Their son and only child, Matthew John Holley, was killed along with three other Soldiers when an IED exploded under their Humvee while on patrol in Iraq. Racked with grief over their son’s death, John and Stacey’s sorrow turned to outrage when they learned that Matthew’s casket would return to San Diego’s Lindbergh Field as common freight. There would be no honor guard to welcome this fallen hero back to the nation of his birth. Instead, Matthew Holley’s remains would be transferred by forklifts and baggage handlers, like a crate of auto parts. Determined to welcome their son home with honors befitting his sacrifice, the Holleys embarked on a quest to challenge the law, and to begin a journey of healing that would touch the lives of Gold Star Families across the country”

Medals, Flags and Memories
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One reader of Medals, Flags and Memories said, “I have the honor of knowing this family and you won't go wrong reading this touching book - a tribute to the son lost in war and the parents who fought for the right to ensure all fallen soldiers are brought home with the respect they deserve. I would rather Matt be celebrating the 4th with his parents and family, but his memories live on.”

One reader of Medals, Flags and Memories said, “What makes a hero? Matthew Holley was certainly one, he gave his life for his country. But this book is about more than Matthew and the depth of grief his parents feel when they learn of his death in Iraq. It's the story of what comes next? Where does a parent turn when their life has been turned upside down? It's a heart wrenching story of how Stacey and John Holley turned from themselves and towards God and mankind. Their mission became to see that each fallen hero is returned to their family with honor and respect. They had no other agenda. They were not looking for fame. They were not looking for personal gain. They did not set out to become heros.  Medals, Flags and Memories takes you on their journey to make that goal become a reality and beyond. It takes you into the heart of parents who have lost the most precious thing they have, their only son. It takes you on their journey to bring comfort to other gold star parents. Stacey and John are heros and their son would be so proud of them.”

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