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Kenneth J. Herrmann, Jr.

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Sergeant Kenneth J. Herrmann, Jr., USA, was a sergeant in the United States Army during the Vietnam War.  According to The State University of New York, at Buffalo, “Kenneth J. Herrmann Jr., M.S.W., 1975, has dedicated his life to helping others. An associate professor of social work at SUNY Brockport, Herrmann began his career as a caseworker in child welfare agencies in the late 1960s. Since then the Buffalo native has – through numerous publications, board affiliations, and consultancies for governmental and international organizations such as UNICEF – advocated for human rights on an international scale.

The culmination of Herrmann’s personal and professional advocacy is the SUNY Brockport Vietnam Program, the only U.S. year-round study abroad program in Vietnam. Conceived, developed, and directed by Herrmann, this unique program combines an academic experience with community service. Students spend 18 weeks in Danang taking courses and helping provide aid for the poorest of the poor in Vietnam. Explains Herrmann, “My heart and my activities have always been in international aid and relief work. So a strong component of the Vietnam Program is helping to meet the needs of the people in Vietnam.”


Sergeant Kenneth J. Herrmann, Jr. is the author of Lepers and Lunacy: An American in Vietnam; I Hope my Daddy Dies, Mister; and, I’m Nobody’s Child.


One reader of Lepers and Lunacy: An American in Vietnam said, “Kenneth J. Herrman's semi-autobiographical first person account of an American's experience in modern central Vietnam in both intriguing and educational. A war veteran's return to Vietnam, to make peace with a himself, inadvertently leads to his making peace with the country he once helped destroy. In the process of building personal relationships in Vietnam, Mr. Herrman ends up creating a university program at the college he teaches social work at, in Western New York, that fosters an understanding between two countries that were once at odds. In the process of telling this unique story, Mr. Herrman describes the cultural differences, social codes, and business ethics of Vietnam, a country that is so commonly misunderstood. This book is perfect for anyone who is either considering studying in Vietnam, or intends to do business there.”

I'm Nobody's Child
Kenneth J. Herrmann  More Info
I hope my daddy dies, mister
Kenneth J Herrmann  More Info

According to the book description of Lepers and Lunacy: An American in Vietnam, “Ken Herrmann, Jr., a Vietnam War veteran, has written a book about Vietnam, Lepers and Lunacy: An American in Vietnam Today that is a unique and fascinating account of a war veteran who returned to Vietnam, only to discover that he had never really left. It is a gripping and true story of a both personal and professional struggle. This book gives new meaning to the old adage; "Those who invade Vietnam never leave.”

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