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Herbert C. Huser

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Colonel Herbert C. Huser, USA (ret.) “was an officer in the United States Army. For most of his 25-year career, he was a Foreign Area Officer for Latin America. After his FAO education (1967-70), including an 18-month program in Argentina, he returned to Argentina as the Assistant Army Attaché to the United States Embassy at Buenos Aires.


Subsequently Colonel Herbert C. Huser was appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. Dr. Huser returned to Argentina once more as the U.S. Army delegate to the Interamerican Military Communications Commission from 1982 to 1984. He completed his Army career as a member of the military faculty and Deputy Head of the Department of National Security Policy, the National War College (1984-1987).”  Colonel Herbert C. Huser is the author of Argentine Civil-Military Relations: From Alfonsin to Menem.

Argentine Civil-Military Relations: From Alfonsin to Menem
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The MOAA said of Argentine Civil-Military Relations: From Alfonsin to Menem, “it deals primarily with the evolution of Argentine civil-military relations from the return to representative democratic government in 1983 to the present. It also deals with the theoretical and historical underpinnings of the relationships between the military establishment and the Argentine government and society from the country’s beginnings. The book is a useful reference for anyone seeking to understand the past, current, and perhaps future of Argentine politics and the role of the military, or not, in it”

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