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Francis Hamit

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Francis Hamit, "spent four years in the US Army Security Agency during the Vietnam War years. That included service in Vietnam and West Germany, where he became an Army journalist. He later spent 21 years in the security business as a guard captain, sales representative, executive and consultant." Francis Hamit is the author of Security Matters: Essays on Industrial Security, A Perfect Spy, The Shenandoah Spy, Meltdown and The Queen of Washington

According to the book description of Security Matters: Essays on Industrial Security, "Francis Hamit spent more than twenty years in the security industry as a guard captain, manager, sales executive, and consultant. For seven years (1994-2000) he wrote a monthly column on industry issues, Security Counterpoint for Security Technology & Design magazine. Much of that material, written in a style accessible to the general reader, remains relevant today. This book contains 32 essays that address such issues as domestic terrorism, the role of security professionals in our society, the interactions between business and law enforcement and little-known threats to persons and property. This books is suitable as a supplemental readings text for academic courses, a resource for security professionals, and an interesting and enjoyable book for others interested in security, law enforcement, corporate culture and loss prevention."

According to the book description of A Perfect Spy, it is "an excerpt from Francis Hamit's much longer book Out of Step: A Memoir of the Vietnam War Years. Set fifty years ago at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, it is the story of how Hamit arrived there in his junior year of college as a drama major, worked as a professional photographer, met Nicholas Meyer, played poker with Nelson Algren, enlisted in the Sexual Revolution, and learned how to write plays while also working undercover for law enforcement against the drug trade. It was dangerous work; so much so that he volunteered for military intelligence and went to Vietnam because it was safer than staying in Iowa City."

According to the book description of The Shenandoah Spy, it is an "Historical fact-based fiction about the famous spy who played a key role in Stonewall Jacksons Valley Campaign. This narrative take place between July 1861 and July 1862 and is the first in a series about the Confederate Secret Service and the women who were its most effective agents. Belle Boyd was the first woman in American History to be formally commissioned an army officer."

According to the book description of Meltdown, it is "an alternative history novel, set in the late 1990s. A mothballed nuclear power plant in the Midwest, recently recommissioned, is under threat by a terrorist group. Its security force is made up of military veterans, their new head is a female corporate executive with no security experience, and the lead plant technician is an aging hippie who attend science-fiction conventions. What could go wrong?"

According to the book description of The Queen of Washington, it is an "alternative history about Rose Greenhow and her activities as a spy before and during the American Civil War. She was the Confederate spy who gave the South the information it needed to win at the first Battle of Bull's run, but had she been a spy all along, working for the French and British in their efforts to undermine American Manifest Destiny and split the nation into two or more new countries? The story begins in 1850 in Mexico City and San Francisco."

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