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Bob Haller

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Colonel Bob Haller, USA (ret.) is the author of: Manchukuo Gold; The Coiled Serpent: A New Age Mystery Thriller; and, Stinger Missile Conspiracy: A Tragedy Waiting to Happen.


According to the book description of Manchukuo Gold, “With ninjas and Navy SEALS, kidnapping and reformed war criminals, Manchurian gold and a Russian jewelry chest, romance, blackmail and murder, Bob Haller's latest mystery (after The Coiled Serpent) is bigger than a Hollywood blockbuster. Everyone's after $500 million hidden in a cave beneath a Chinese reservoir, and as ex-SEALS Randy Rawlins and Vince Volcano try to nab it, they uncover a decades-old dirty deal, a fashion designer with a strange past and double-crossing agents everywhere they look in the overly complicated and tersely written Manchukuo Gold.”


According to the book description of The Coiled Serpent: A New Age Mystery Thriller, “An inventor is murdered. A Coptic monk disappears. Spriggy, Trish and Jake search for the monk to unravel the secrets of Zero-Point Energy. Free and non-polluting, it will eliminate mankind's dependency upon oil and save the environment. They stumble into a global conspiracy, a New World Order called Global Governance.  They tour the Nile with New Agers, discovering new levels of spiritualism that guides them through shocking ordeals of murder, deception and terrorism. New Agers teach them astrology, chakra meditation, master alignment, crystals, reincarnation and tarot card prophecy.


They cruise the Nile and trek into the Sahara as rogue CIA agents and Arab terrorists pursue them. Nicole, a CIA bush pilot for an oil cartel, infiltrates the group to seduce Spriggy and Trish in order to steal the secrets of Z-Power.  Spriggy and Jake, both captians in the Army Reserve, fight fierce gun battles in the desert. During eerie regressions, they confront the ancient gods, seeking forbidden knowledge. A coiled serpent appears through the mists of time. Discovery. Revelation. Retribution. Destiny. A spellbinder as they discover the ultimate truth.”

The Coiled Serpent: A New Age Mystery Thriller
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Stinger Missile Conspiracy: A Tragedy Waiting to Happen
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Manchukuo Gold
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According to the book description of Stinger Missile Conspiracy: A Tragedy Waiting to Happen, “Terrorists attack a jetliner at JFK airport with a Stinger missile. In 1988, a Russian Spetsnaz and Arab terrorists infiltrate into the U.S. on a rogue mission to shoot down a Pan Am jetliner, targeting on a U.S. Army Reserve unit. The conspiracy is loaded with political intrigue. Murder. Deception. Disinformation. Treachery. And sex that sizzles. Fast action and suspense. A cliff-hanger to the last page. Dave Maccabee, Freddy Ventura, Kathy Morgan and army reservists swing into action on the streets of New York City. Top Secret NATO intelligence files have been stolen. Their commander is murdered. Why are they being targeted? Who is behind the series of murders? The FBI, CIA and NYPD join ranks. Can they stop the terrorists before it is too late?”

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