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Robert F. Hallahan

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Colonel Robert F. Hallahan, USA (ret.) “is a graduate of the West Point Class of 1948. He saw action with the first field artillery battalion to fight in the Korean War from August 1950 to December 1951. He held assignments as a forward observer, reconnaissance officer, assistant S-3, and battery commander and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for valor. He commanded artillery units in the 24th Infantry Division, the 11th Airborne Division and the 7th Infantry Division, including every caliber of weapon from 105 mm howitzers to 8 inch howitzers, as well a battery of 4.2 inch mortars.


Colonel Robert F. Hallahan was one of the few honored by of the Ancient Order of Saint Barbara for conspicuous, long-term service on behalf of the United States Army Field Artillery. He advised the Commander-in-Chief Atlantic on ground operations during the Dominican Republic crisis. He directed several critical staff actions of immediate concern to the highest national authority during the Vietnam War in the Southeast Asia Branch, Organization Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is a graduate of the Army War College and holds two masters degrees.”  He is the author of All Good Men: A Lieutenant’s Memories of the Korean War.

All Good Men: A Lieutenant's Memories of the Korean War
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According to the book description of All Good Men: A Lieutenant’s Memories of the Korean War, it “was written to chronicle the experiences of a young lieutenant from the time he joined the First Artillery Battalion to fight in the Korean War in August 1950 until he returned home in December 1951. He describes in gripping detail his days as a forward observer in the Naktong Bulge during the searing heat of August, his exploits as a reconnaissance officer from the Pusan Perimeter through the dash to the Yalu River, his contribution as Assistant Operations Officer to the 52nd Field Artillery Battalion, and his days as a unit commander when he rebuilt his firing battery from scratch after losing most of his experienced personnel. With his untested unit he supported the final advance of the 21st Infantry Regiment 30 miles north of the 38th Parallel in October 1951. The author pays tribute to the men who gave their lives fighting in the stinking rice paddies and frozen hills of that unforgiving land under the harsh conditions of ground combat. His poignant comment is still true today. "They could stand tall in any nation's hall of heroes. They were all good men.”

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