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Raymond Beresford Hamilton

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Raymond Beresford Hamilton “is a 1977 graduate of Metuchen High School, and a 1984 graduate of Jersey City State College-now a University, with a degree in Business Administration, concentration in Management. He is currently a Sergeant in the US Army, and served in two wars, the Gulf war in 1991, and the Iraq war in 2003, among his decorations are five Army Accommodation Medals, three Army Achievement Medals, and six Good Conduct Medals. He is married to Maria Tatalo, formerly of Frankfurt Germany, and has two children, Anthony 15 and Sophia 9 years old. He enjoys the outdoor sports of Boating and Fishing, and the indoor sports of Basketball and Chess. He recently began writing and intends to continue.” Raymond Beresford Hamilton is the author of The Road To America's Economic Meltdown.

According to the book description of The Road To America's Economic Meltdown, “This is a story about one of our own, a US Army Sergeant who returns home after serving many years overseas. He had been to two different wars and, after 14 years overseas, this was to be his first duty assignment inside the United States. He encountered great difficulty from his home state when he tried to obtain his local driver's license, and only with the aid of a state senator, was he able to obtain his license. Then, when he went to register his car, in the new state where he was assigned, he noticed that he was being required to pay for unusual things before he was allowed to register his car. After going through all the local government's money making schemes, he, along with his wife and children, bought a house, using a mortgage, not far from where they were renting. They did so just in time to get caught up in the developing housing crisis that may affect his family's ability to hold on to their beautiful home. The sergeant had to do some quick thinking and find out everything he could about what was really going on; was there a conspiracy for the rich to get richer-at the expense of everyone else-was he the subject of predatory lending, and would his family suffer through the embarrassment of the foreclosure process? The sergeant began researching the history of land development, mortgaging, foreclosure, the economic crisis, and the government's involvement in all of this-and this is what he learned.”


According to the book description of Identity Assumption, “On this day in the early spring of 2008, Steven Heidelberg was only doing his job when he ended up in the wrong place, at the wrong time. He crossed paths with the very dangerous and deadly Russian assassin Ivan Morozov, who had been using the name Stan Emerson and was in Florida attempting to locate Steven's boss, Ernie Radix, who has stolen millions of dollars from the Russian government. Morozov was sent here to get it back, before Radix, who was awaiting trial, was sent to jail for the crimes that he had committed. After his near death encounter with the dangerous and deadly Russian assassin, Steven Heidelberg was in a fight for his life and his journey became an endless battle filled with pain and death.”

Identity Assumption
Raymond Beresford Hamilton  More Info

The Road To America's Economic Meltdown
Raymond Beresford Hamilton  More Info

According to one reader of The Road To America's Economic Meltdown, “When Kuwait was captured they sent him to help get it back as a member of the US Army. When we were attacked on 9/11 he was a member of the force that went to avenge us. Then when he returned home they treated him like an enemy. Now you can read about it in his own words in "THE ROAD TO AMERICA'S ECONOMIC MELTDOWN.  All Americans need to read this book both conservatives and democrats, it says a lot. There are important issues here that we all need to be reminded of. This book is more detailed than Dick Morris' "Catastrophe" or Glen Beck's "Common Sense." The book is not about the author, it is about the system of government that has developed over time in this country and, its attitude toward the poor, and its unconditional support for the wealthy. Which are good relevant points.  The people on the Left can learn a lot here, if they only read it. This is a truthful book that hits home in many ways. It is 5 stars for its honesty, clarity and relevance.  This book challenges the US Senate to do a better job of regulating the economy and to provide better protections for the future generations of Americans to come.  I recommend it for Republicans and Democrats alike, and for anyone who considers themselves to be an American.”

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