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Bill Heard

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Sergeant Bill Heard has been a Los Angeles Police Department law enforcement official since 1991.  “Born into an English family with a military heritage dating back to the Boer War, Bill Heard was almost destined to pursue a military career. Resisting at first, a combination of the worst economic depression in recent English history and a sense of true Churchillian patriotism, quickly found him fighting a vicious terrorist war in the claustrophobic streets and alleys of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Years later, after immigrating to the United States first joining the US Army, then the Los Angeles Police Department, he found himself in yet two more armed conflicts.


His novel, Bravo November 283, is the first in a series of books and is about the struggle against global terrorism as seen through the eyes of someone who fought it from the trenches.”


The book description of Bravo November 283 says, “Long before Osama bin Laden gave terrorists all over the world a bad name, the Provisional Irish Republican Army was laying the foundation for what would be the future of many global insurgencies.


The almost thirty-year terrorist conflict in Northern Ireland, aptly called the troubles, was a brutal war that brought the province to the edge of a civil war. Readers will come to understand the longstanding animosity between the British government and Irish Republicans, yet will have to make their own minds up as to whether the terrorists ends justified the means. This novel is a ten-year personal account of one man fight against terror.”


One reader of Bravo November 23 said, “If one seeks to learn more about what were known as the "troubles" in Northern Ireland in addition to sheer heroism and dedication on the part of the security forces there, Bravo November 283 is a must read. Sergeant Bill Heard really tells it like it was during an extremely difficult time in world history. Told from the perspective of an individual who lived and breathed as a dedicated Military Policeman and Police Officer in Northern Ireland, Bravo November 283 captivates the reader and offers a first hand view of a troubled time as experienced by a true street cop. Sergeant Heard tells fascinating stories of humor, heroism, sacrifice, ruthlessness on the part of terrorists, and unwavering dedication (despite great adversity) on the part of members of Northern Ireland's security forces. I would highly recommend this book to anyone but would especially encourage police officers or those who served in the military to consider reading it. It will not disappoint!”

Bravo November 283
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One reader of Bravo November 23 said, “I originally bought this book because I am fascinated by the experiences of law enforcement officers, especially those from other countries. In addition to following gripping real-life tales, I finally understood what the deadly conflicts in Northern Ireland were all about. Providing a historical perspective on the seeds of the "troubles," this book takes the reader from the sword and shield battles of the seventeenth century to the machine gun and bomb battles of the twentieth. Not written by an ivory-towered academician, this book was written by a warrior who had been deep in the trenches of the deadly battles." Sometimes humorous and sometimes sad, this book was liberally filled with interesting anecdotes and little-known facts in every page. If you are interested in police stories, if you are interested in politics, if you are interested in the battle of good against evil, or if you just want to hear a great story-Bravo November 283 is a must read.”

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