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Bill Hunt

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Bill Hunt is a "retired Army Chief Warrant Officer with 22 years of federal service. After retiring, he taught high school in D.C. and Indiana. After leaving the classroom he with his wife, Mary acquired a 40-acre farm where they ran an equestrian facility until he re-retired at age 65. At that point, due to some good-natured kidding by friends, he took up writing and now has authored 4 books with 4 more lying on the desktop. He has 2 sons, Timothy and Daniel, from a previous marriage, 2 German Shepherds, 2 Hanoverian horses, and 3 cats."  Bill Hunt is the author of Over There, The Inaugural of the US Army's P.A. Scut Monkey and The Road to Heaven Is Paved in Road Apples: The Memories of a Horseman.

According to the book description of Over There, "In his first published work, Bill Hunt has actually produced a multitude of stories in one book. As the reader progresses through the four short stories narrated by the Grandson of George Hunt, the main character, the readers will find themselves thinking, "Huh, did I miss something" About half way through that will change to a "Hmmm" The main story involves the backgrounds and interactions of four individuals who end up together in the Argonne Forest during World War I. The final story is the Grandsons' and his turn to serve, fifty years later in the "Disneyland of Southeast Asia"


According to the book description of The Inaugural of the US Army's P.A. Scut Monkey, "The US Army began its' first endeavor into the use of Physicians Assistants in 1971. This is their story. Beginning with the selection of the first sixty (out of 1300 plus applicants) to their sometimes mundane and sometimes pretty hairy experiences. It is told by one of the original P.A. Scut Monkeys."


According to the book description of The Road to Heaven Is Paved in Road Apples: The Memories of a Horseman, "There is more than one good man credited with saying, "There's something about the outside of a horse that, is good for the inside of a man." In his book Bill Hunt explains to everyone what that quote means. In his service from the riding instructor for the Military Aides to the President, to High School and Handicapped Kids, he has almost certainly insured his place in a heaven that is especially for his horses."

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