Max Hurlbut

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Lieutenant Colonel Max Hurlbut, USA (ret.), "rises from Private to Lieutenant Colonel, starting Army life as a Military Policeman and retiring as a Special Operations Officer.  He tests an experimental parachute for the British RAF, is arrested as a spy in Egypt, and sees action on the Thai/Cambodian border.  As Advisor to the Special Warfare Command of the Republic of China Army, he marries the Colonels daughter.

He joins LAPD in the fading Noir era and is assigned to Hollywood.  Ride with him as he responds to the shooting of one  of Mickey Cohens thugs and its resolution half-a-century later.  He views the death, by gunfire, of The Egyptian, a pimp who has his heart weighted against the Feather of Justice by Osiris, the green- skinned Ruler of the Dead, and is found wanting.   

Max works Hollywood Vice and the Freeway Car where he encounters Nemesis, who challenges the high-speed Interceptors to early-AM 150 mph duels.  As Captain of the L.A. Police Motorcycle Drill Team, he leads the Torchbearer into the Coliseum for the 1984 Summer Olympics.  He is a Team Leader of the first SWAT teams and in a Brush-fire (anti-sniper) detail in the Watts Riot of 1965.

Max heads north as Chief of Police of Kodiak and to police the weirdest town in Alaska.  He gives a Sourdoughs insight into some peculiar incidents in the Land of the Midnight Sun, such as the Police Chief of Eagle who, in fear of being eaten by wolves when lost in a storm, lies in a creek to become frozen into a block of ice.

Max becomes City Marshal of Tombstone, Arizona, to police a depart-ment run amok.  He discovers corruption in a Western town where honesty is considered a character defect.  Two of his four deputies are shot to death in their autos.  Murders covered as Cochise County suicides."

Lieutenant Colonel Max Hurlbut is the author of Vagabond Policeman.

According to the book description of Vagabond Policeman, The author joins LAPD in the fading "Noir" era and is assigned to Hollywood. Ride with him as he encounters thugs, colorful pimps, and other characters in patrol & vice. MAX is "The crow collecting shiny things---the bits and pieces that color life." He writes with wit and humor of incidents and characters. MAX heads north to Alaska to police the Aleutian Chain, the Pribilofs, and Kodiak Island. He gives a "Sourdough's" insight into some peculiar happenings in the "Land of the Midnight Sun" as he patrols in kayak & snowshoes. He is called out of retirement to become City Marshal of Tombstone, Arizona, to find corruption and a department run amok. Two of his four deputies are shot to death. MAX travels the world as an Army Advisor. He tests experimental parachutes, is arrested in Egypt, pursued in The Sudan, hunts in the Congo, and sees action on the Thai/Cambodian border. He meets kings & presidents, generals & cannibals---and marries the Colonel's daughter in the Republic of China.

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